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  1. Thanks for this - it looks like my exb file size is about 8.8 GB. So big, but not so big it won't fit on my travel laptop if I selective synch my Dropbox files too. I should also probably be more strategic with EN and purge out/off some of the stuff I don't need. Though purging old stuff sort of goes against the EN philosophy of having a virtually limitless repository for anything you think you MIGHT need to remember in the future... It seems entirely likely that folks who are using EN to store heavy scanning projects (i.e. long/large PDF documents) could really run up the size of the EXB files...like the upload limit with a Premium account is SUPER big...just interesting that no one knows what happens is the size of the EXB files exceeds the local HD storage capacity.
  2. So my tablet has a 64 GB micro SD card. Can I specify to have all EN files saved onto that SD card?
  3. You know, I think that even after using EN all these years, I have a fundamental misunderstanding of how storage works, perhaps. I guess i figure that since I'm storing thousands of MB of PDF files on hundreds of Evernotes, that the EN storage size must be gigantic....clearly this is not the case if you're fitting your entire data set on your iPad and you're clearly a "power users"! Like, where does the ACTUAL PDF get stored?
  4. I currently have an OLD S300 (the portable one). It's worked well over the years...but I really want a wireless one for the house - so I can have the scanner near the kitchen where a majority of the paper cr@p is generated...and then wirelessly shot over to Evernote. I've brought my S300 into work so I have a scanner at my desk (so my lazy butt doesn't have to walk to the copy room to scan - hah). I am assuming the iX500 (now about $410 on Amazon) is the scanner for me? Or is there an intermediate version I should be considering? I don't mind making an investment if it means that I will use it more and have better paperless compliance. I too am only considering the NON-EN-branded version. Related question - do you have to use the Fujitsu software? I.e. since I want to use Evernote as my platform for organizing, I was always confused between using that SnapScan Organizer...I THINK that all you need installed is the SnapScan MANAGER (i.e. so that the scanner can actually talk to your computer) right? But from there you don't need to install any of the other stuff??
  5. Thanks guys for the thoughtful feedback. [I looked into TSW a year or two ago. It seemed really great for a personal system, but it also seemed like a lot to keep track of...I'd love to hear any success stories of folks who use TSW for home and work. It also becomes hard if you want to share any of your Evernotes with colleagues at work (who then may not have same tags...).] So I have to say it's a little disappointing to hear that there's no good solution for using Evernote with a small tablet-type PC. I mean I'm lucky that I have a "big" "regular" laptop at home with lots of local memory for operating the Desktop version of the program. But as the trend seems to be more and more fluid/mobile/cloud based, I can easily see NOT using my big laptop anymore...just working at work and then using this tiny tablet-laptop for personal or travel work. Like if I was someone who ONLY had a low-memory laptop, what are my options? Use Evernote until I max out my hard drive (which could happen fast with a Premium account and a goal to go paperless, i.e. scan all the paper in house into EN). What exactly happens when you max out your local memory and you're using a Desktop version of EN? Does an error message pop up? Does the desktop version stop working? Does the desktop version of EN crash? Related question, assume I had two "big hard drive" devices. Like assume that my work computer allowed the full desktop version of EN to be installed. In that case would a full set of all the EN files be stored on BOTH my home laptop and my work desktop computers? I find it strange that EN desktop doesn't operate like Dropbox's desktop application - which I believe pulls down the requested folder from the cloud, caches is locally for faster/easier use, but as new files are pulled down, the older folders eventually "go back up" into the cloud (i.e. are no longer cached). In that way, I can use the full desktop version of Dropbox on my little tablet laptop. I still can't believe that I can't use the full Desktop version on my little laptop without having a separate account, sharing notebooks, etc. (though thanks for that idea - creative, but ultimately too complicated for me...I'm really trying to streamline and simplify my life).
  6. Hi – I’ve been on a half-hearted effort to go *mostly* paperless for many years now, but 2016 will be the year to really do it, really. I’ve had a Premium EN account for a long time, and I also got the upgraded Dropbox account late last year, in efforts to move this (mostly) paperless transition forward. I have two questions (please feel free to link me directly to other discussion threads – I did do several forum searches prior to writing this post, but even the best laid search can miss its target): 1) I use a Aspire Switch 10 (tablet that locks into a keyboard so it’s essentially a small laptop with low internal memory) for work travel. To this point I’ve only used the web version of Evernote on this computer since I know that it’s hard drive isn’t big enough to sync down all my notes. (I assume all these notes are synced locally on my “big” home laptop that has EN installed directly on its desktop.) I would like to have the native PC EN version on this travel tablet laptop…but what happens when I install this and there’s not enough room for it to download the EN files locally? Does it work like your phone version and just cache the most recent files up to the limitations of your local hard drive? Am I headed for trouble and just use the Web version on this computer? I suppose this begs the questions that eventually I may exceed my “big” home laptop local memory too – what happens then? I’m just trying to understand the actual memory location mechanics…even though I’ve been a long time EN user. (FWIW, I have Dropbox installed on this travel laptop computer…so I will store all working files that way…so I’m really not utilizing the local tablet memory for file storage…though I will have to have internet access to access files of course.) 2) For those utilizing both Dropbox AND Evernote, what is your workflow and/or how to you determine what type of files to store where. To add another dimension to this, I work full time as well so I have both personal and work files. To this point, Evernote has been mostly personal…with a few notebooks with an unorganized massing of work reference material (but not active deal/project work). I log directly into my work server to access the active deal files there. I am allowed to have Dropbox installed on my work desktop but NOT Evernote. So I’m thinking that I am going to migrate my work-server files to Dropbox (since this is permissible by the company). Would you then use a note per deal/project to manage the status updates of each project?
  7. Great idea. Is there a link to an up to date explanation of how tags work in EN Business?
  8. Not to rehash what's already been said, but do want to clarify... Understanding that my core team will all have paid Biz EN subscriptions, I may have a client or a biz associate (who is not part of my core team - not involved in all my projects...doesn't need access to my core team's biz library etc.) Who needs access to the deal/prijects notebook (not just an individual note...rather all notes under that project/deal). Can this sharing be done? Without having to manually share each note within the project/deal notebook (which would be cumbersome and not realistically helpful)?
  9. I am also following this development (or lack thereof) - it is one of the major drawbacks keeping me from jumping into utilizing Evernote Business.
  10. I agree that this is important - not thinking strategically, I put in my social security number (because I wanted to find any PDF documents that I had forgotten to password protect - so that I could password protect the attachment)...but now my full SS pops up...not good.
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