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  1. I have a scanner at my office computer that isn't directly compatible with Evernote like the ScanSnap. For the limited use it gets, it does the job fine. Here is the problem I am actually trying to solve. I teach at a community college on several campus locations. In each class I have a a few papers like a sign in sheet for the students to save time from calling roll. I also get a few pages of things occasionally at different campuses like memos and whatnot. Currently I just put the papers in a folder and take them to my car and file or respond to them at my office later in the week. So sometimes the papers sit for a week before I can get back to my office and I just have to hope they don't get scattered in the car. I typically carry a Windows 7 tablet and a projector, but not to all classes as the classes vary in what equipment is available or needed. So my plan to go paperless is to scan everything I get as I get it no matter where that is. A small scanner that doesn't need any cables would be easy to take everywhere. I could scan everything and it would upload through wifi when available. I could handle it or file it for reference anywhere at any time I have free using Evernote Web. This would save me from having to get back to my office to reference something a few days later. I already made the students go paperless. They turn all assignments in using Google Docs currently but I am moving to Skydrive in the fall. It is just those last few pieces of paper that are hard to eliminate so that is what the fully portable scanner is trying to accomplish. Also I typically in a semester generate around 200 .doc files that most of the time are never printed. I don't see the need in using such a heavy word processor and the assorted file management issues. To simplify things I can put 95% of the content I generate for class in Evernote and make access anywhere acrosss many computers vastly easier. The old doc files can be uploaded to skydrive in the existing folder structure for an archive so I don't have to deal with categorizing them in Evernote. With webmail, Evernote, Gdocs/Skydrive I should be able to do almost all my work without the need of an office. Just grab two lab computers and log into the various systems and get at it. If I am successfull at trying this out I should in theory have an empty office computer and everthing would be cloud based and available anywhere at any time.
  2. I am needing a mobile setup that can scan a normal sized piece of paper and keep the quality good enough it could be reprinted if needed. So far I haven't seen much that is battery operated other than the Visioneer mobility scanner. It does 300dpi and can take an sd card. Using the EyeFi sd card to automatically send anything scanned to Evernote wirelessly seems to be ideal for me. But there is almost nothing online about anyone actually doing this. So has anyone tried this setup and is it any good? The only useful review on amazon says it only does jpg. But if it is a good enough quality jpg I don't see why it matters what format it is in. So is this setup worth buying or is there something better?
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