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  1. I don't think the need being expressed is actually to resize/edit the image so much as view the image as a thumbnail or smaller representation. This is ultimately being done when the user resizes in OneNote. The full fidelity image is still there. When I take a pic in on iPhone Evernote, I get a 3000x2000 image, which completely overwhelms the note when inline with text or other content. I agree with the poster, this is a serious usability problem that keeps me on the lookout for better tools. Atlassian Confluence Wiki allows really simple resizing to 3 different resolutions that allow you to easily use thumbnails inline. I'm thinking something like: As an EN user, I would like to see embedded images at a smaller size, so that I can see the images in the context of other content.As an EN user, I would like to click an embedded image thumbnail and see the full fidelity image, so I can view the image content when reviewing the note content.
  2. +1: some usability please! How about some cursor context specific actions in the button bar? When you drop an image into a table cell and then try to get to the "Table" context menu, it doesn't even show up. You have to add some sort of whitespace to the cell to be able to click and find "Table". (On Mac)
  3. +1 Atlassian Confluence has the ability to set a thumbnail size.
  4. Just noticed, Indenting outlines are only missing from the OSX client. It's in Windows and Web. Please fix OSX Evernote!
  5. I don't care much about consistency across notes either. I care about ease of applying a visual style to the information. The option to customize a stylesheet would be cool, but I'll settle for a nice default Heading 1, Heading 2, etc.
  6. Archiving should also be done from a local storage perspective. I want archived notes to be stored and accessible via web, but I do not want them taking up hard disk space. I just switched to an SSD for performance, but now Evernote is taking up a much larger share of the hard drive.
  7. If Apple does as good a job with whatever-their-competing-client-is on Windows as they did with iTunes, well, I will wait to be impressed. This is irrelevant to the request.
  8. +1 for selective sync or some sort of LRU caching mechanism. I'd like to constrain the amount of space Evernote takes on my computer.
  9. Even the forum editor has the capability to indent a list. Outlining Helps Group Similar ideas Indenting lets you understand parent-child relationships another child [*]This is a basic feature in most editors This is major oversight in evernote EverNote should implement this feature - low hanging fruit
  10. Text Styling is an important feature to add. When I'm looking through a note, I want to add section titles and it's hard to make something stand out without clicking 3 or 4 different controls: bold, underline, 14pt. I'd prefer a Heading1 style that would apply across all my notes. Indenting lists (outlining is also an important feature). It's very hard to read a long note in EverNote...
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