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  1. I understand you are helping with a suggestion to get Evernote back working but I have 50% of my notes in local folders and 50% synced. I don't want to have to think about uninstalling and re-installing. I was hoping that an app store update would be out by now.... ? Im 100% moving all my stuff out and just keeping everything local on my laptop in folders (tags is better) - that'll get backed up in several ways. Ill keep non personal pdfs & notes i need access to in dropbox.
  2. I have just had the same problem happen. I see the list of notes but i cannot view any of them. TERRIBLE. ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE TO HAVE A BUG LIKE THIS. I have most of my stuff in Evernote and its advertised as an everything / life app.... How i am i suppose to do my work today? This bug combined with the new context / advertising and i think it might be time to move away from Evernote. Maybe move away from all content storing apps - they eventually die or compromise their privacy values at some point... Anyway, back to BUG. This has to be fixed QUICK. I can see the size of the document in the evernote app so I'm hoping its just a visual glitz. I also had a problem yesterday where i couldn't see / edit the title of a page id clipped into Evernote. I love Evernote and store everything tagged in it for years. There is nothing better but this has brought home the risk of putting your data into an app... I've lost confidence. ---- Update : I can export the note out and view the note & attached pdf. I couldnt view the pdf via the browser but that maybe unrelated. Update : Other notes just become 'Untitled' randomly when i select them... FIX THIS QUICK! Im looking to move stuff out slowly now.. won't trust it again. Around 3400 notes
  3. When i select a part of the web page then press the button my selection gets unselected and it defaults to picking its own part of the web page without any option to change... is this how it works?
  4. If you go into your gmail settings on the web you can add an email to forward too - your evernote email - and get all or some emails sent to your evernote. I have various newsletters get sent to directly to Evernote so i can keep email clean for 'proper' emails and deal with newsletter. The filter can be set to delete or archive or marked as read etc the original email - lots of options to tweak per filter. And in mac Mail if you sign in on the web or in app preferences you can get emails forwarded to Evernote the same way.
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