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  1. Apple cannot read your messages when you do not backup them in iCloud. That’s because there are two ways of encrypting stuff. One in which _you_ hold the keys (iMessage, but also EN competitor EvonThink), and one in which the provider holds the keys (e.g Google Drive, iCloud backup). Of course, when you hold the keys the service provider cannot give you anything extra by processing your data on their servers, it all needs to happen on your device(s). That’s one of the reasons why you need a fast processor to run iOS, while you can get away with a low end android phone. A lot of Google services “take care” of your data. Anyway: you holding the keys implies that you own the data, so look for services that implement that model.
  2. The terms say enhance and modify, not just pull the plug and replace with something else (and inferior). I can totally understand that EN has the right to move the product in a new direction, but it seems reasonable that customers are allowed some transition time, certainly those that have paid in advance. That’s why my humble request is that EN releases the old IOS version with a new name, such that we can use it for a couple of months, just like on MacOS, Android and Windows. I really don’t understand the stubbornness with EN here.
  3. Well, that’s true when you don’t have to endure the V10 experience on iOS. On iOS there is no way back. I would stay if we could use V8 for a while still.
  4. When I install the IPA it asks for the password of iTunes account karottc at one six three dot com . Any way around that?
  5. A new empty note actually says “start writing, drag files, or choose a template”. That means that it is clearly a bug, not a feature suggestion. Of course the fix may be to alter that text... What a disaster
  6. Edge _is_ a browser, and I think you have discovered that Evernote loads in a browser on the phone. Good to know.
  7. There is a caveat that I have pointed out a couple of times here. Although the encryption key is not stored anywhere, and the mechanism seems to be sound, Evernote keeps a history of your notes. In most cases you will type or paste a secret text first, and then encrypt it. In between those actions the note has synced, and the unencrypted version is in your history. To circumvent this, first type a random text, encrypt it, and then replace the text with the real secret.
  8. When complete... yes, indeed. I’m also of the opinion that we need version 8 back ASAP.
  9. In normal circumstances I would agree. However, I think the situation is bad enough to allow for a rant or two
  10. The reason you need to show it in the first place is that it is completely counterintuitive. No other IOS app that I know off works this way.
  11. I tend to disagree. I do think that making a good note taking and archiving app is very complex. That convinces me even more that the ship is really sinking. The decision to use a web abstraction layer to reduce coding effort will not work (yet). It was chosen to be able to support all devices with as less devs as possible. So, a complex product like Evernote needs quite some capital to spend to survive. Looks like we have reached the bottom of the money pit. That is unfortunate. I have tried to move to other product, but none is as good as the previous Evernote.
  12. In (Apple) maps tap a location, then tap share, select Evernote. Looks like EN doesn’t sync properly once you try this, so be careful
  13. I’m a paying user since 2009. I have 29.947 notes. But I seriously doubt whether I’m going to hit 30 K. I’m screwed. Please, please, please, give us back 8.24.6. And, I’m afraid, turn the ship. Accept that you’ll need to maintain three code bases, iOS, Android and Web. Everyone does that. Maybe in the future a single framework will work, but that time has not come yet. For the time being I have stopped the automatic renewal of my subscription.
  14. I sometimes share my location from Apple Maps to Evernote, as a check-in log. This used to work fine. Something really strange happens when I try to do it with 10.0: the new note with location never shows up. Instead, every time I manually sync (pull the note list down) I’m directed to this location In the Maps App.
  15. Had the same issue initially. Logged out and in again to fix it. Don’t do this when you have a lot of offline notebooks.
  16. I contacted their support via chat, and they said they werd having problems with CyberSec. Sounds to me as a false positive. Anyway, it works again (for me)
  17. Response (names removed): Hello there Name, Thank for bringing this to our attention. We are currently aware of this issue, and although I don't have an estimated date of when it will be resolved, I can assure you we're working diligently to fix it as soon as possible. If you would like to roll back to a previous version of Evernote that did not contain this issue, please follow the below steps: Before uninstalling Evernote for Android, make sure to copy the contents of any unsynced notes somewhere outside of the Evernote app. Any unsynced notes (notes marked by red/green corners) and photos are deleted when you reinstall the app. To save any unsynced photos to your Gallery, tap the options menu (three dots) and select Save to Downloads. Then follow these steps: Open the Play Store Search for Evernote, choose it, then tap Uninstall Restart your Android device Once Evernote has been uninstalled, please click on this link to download version 8.8.1. If you can't use the version from the previous link, then try this link. Please know that by going back a version, you will be exposed to some bugs we fixed already, the most noticeable of them being not able to login to your Evernote account in more than one Android device at the same time if you use two factor authentication. For now, I will close this ticket, but if you have any other questions please reach out to me and I'll be more than happy to help. Best, Name. Customer Support Representative
  18. Same issue with 8.9 on all Android devices I own. Issued support ticket. Very curious why Evernote does not seem to be able to solve this adequately.
  19. With a quick hack it is also usable on Android and web: create a template note with encrypted text, duplicate it for new notes.
  20. Evernote tries to open PDFs in an app registered as PDF editor first, and viewer second. Word registers itself as editor.
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