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  1. Apple cannot read your messages when you do not backup them in iCloud. That’s because there are two ways of encrypting stuff. One in which _you_ hold the keys (iMessage, but also EN competitor EvonThink), and one in which the provider holds the keys (e.g Google Drive, iCloud backup). Of course, when you hold the keys the service provider cannot give you anything extra by processing your data on their servers, it all needs to happen on your device(s). That’s one of the reasons why you need a fast processor to run iOS, while you can get away with a low end android phone. A lot of Google services “take care” of your data. Anyway: you holding the keys implies that you own the data, so look for services that implement that model.
  2. The terms say enhance and modify, not just pull the plug and replace with something else (and inferior). I can totally understand that EN has the right to move the product in a new direction, but it seems reasonable that customers are allowed some transition time, certainly those that have paid in advance. That’s why my humble request is that EN releases the old IOS version with a new name, such that we can use it for a couple of months, just like on MacOS, Android and Windows. I really don’t understand the stubbornness with EN here.
  3. Well, that’s true when you don’t have to endure the V10 experience on iOS. On iOS there is no way back. I would stay if we could use V8 for a while still.
  4. When I install the IPA it asks for the password of iTunes account karottc at one six three dot com . Any way around that?
  5. A new empty note actually says “start writing, drag files, or choose a template”. That means that it is clearly a bug, not a feature suggestion. Of course the fix may be to alter that text... What a disaster
  6. Edge _is_ a browser, and I think you have discovered that Evernote loads in a browser on the phone. Good to know.
  7. There is a caveat that I have pointed out a couple of times here. Although the encryption key is not stored anywhere, and the mechanism seems to be sound, Evernote keeps a history of your notes. In most cases you will type or paste a secret text first, and then encrypt it. In between those actions the note has synced, and the unencrypted version is in your history. To circumvent this, first type a random text, encrypt it, and then replace the text with the real secret.
  8. When complete... yes, indeed. I’m also of the opinion that we need version 8 back ASAP.
  9. In normal circumstances I would agree. However, I think the situation is bad enough to allow for a rant or two
  10. The reason you need to show it in the first place is that it is completely counterintuitive. No other IOS app that I know off works this way.
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