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  1. Hmm, Forgot to say in all of that above that I already deal with emails as they come in. Some automatically going to specific folders. So I have ones for photography, land rover, evernote, BMW, ebook etc. Any that need acting on get put into a folder called 'To Be Done'. Once they have been copied to EverNote they are put into a folder called 'Being Worked On'. Once completed they are then put into a folder called 'Quick Save To Max'. Max is short for Maximizer which is my contact management database. Every now and then from within Maximizer I go to a section that allows me to select the 'Qui
  2. Hi All, Having finished the videos and given it some deal of thought I think I can use a little of what TSW explains and build it into my current workflow. I have mentioned it before but here is an overview of what I currently do: Every day a new note titled as per GrumpyMonkey's simple dating system is added to the folder 'Diary - 2012'. Today is '120830' As telephone enquiries come in I type straight into the note adding a tick box and line. As emails come in they are copied and added to the current day with a tick box and line. As I work on each task I type in red what I have done. If I nee
  3. Finished watching the videos and go to say this is a very good system. It won't work 100% for me, but I can implement some of the very useful methods into my current operation system. My key question is 'why'! Why did these guys do it and what is in it for them? Regards Chris
  4. Although I have a fairly simple system of GTD I have been looking at the videos of The Secret Weapon. It has taken me a while to work out that this may be a very simple method of keeping up with a lot of different tasks I seem to end up with. Will carry on going through the very well put together videos and Manifesto before totally making my mind up. Best regards Chris
  5. Hi Owyn, I think you mentioned that the other day and I thought it was a great idea many thanks. I will keep it in mind as it could be very useful as you say. I have created a short cut to my diary and with the day code that I use thanks to GrumpyMonkey the current day is always on top when I click on the diary. Best regards Chris
  6. Read this with interest but trying to see how it would fit into my Evernote life. I do get given or even create post it notes or make notes in little books when I am out and about. But for the last five years since my OneNote days and now happier Evernote days I just put these notes on to my days diary. Some make recall that the way I work is to create a new note every day which is given the days date such as 120204 for today - thanks GrumpyMonkey for that snippett, much better than my old system. As things happen I type it into the days note, then add the little 'todo' tick box - sorry cannot
  7. I have just downloaded QuickOffice HD to the ipad and can see an immediate problem. You must have an internet connection and every time you open a document it is downloaded and when you close it uploaded back to the Evernote site! Could be an expensive way of changing notes! I can find no mention of this in QuickOffice help. Nor can I find any way of adapting a document that has been downloaded. Might be there but I cannot see it. Best regards Chris
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