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  1. Hi EvB, Many thanks for that. It is not a problem, just as long as I know and am not missing anything obvious. Then it is about making sure my work flow operates in the correct way. Best regards Chris
  2. Hi Jeff, Thanks for the information. Yes I am talking about Windows. But it tends to work the other way round for me. I use Maximizer as a CRM and a customer calls up to get a quotation changed. I open the MS Word quote via Maximizer and make the change. The problem I have is how Evernote which already has a copy of this quote reacts. Will it change automatically or do I have to then search for the quotation in Evernote, delete it then copy the updated version in again? I have to say this is a rare ocurrence as a quotation that is changed a few days later is given an additional number. So if quotation Q101422 is updated it will become Q101422/1. But if, as today I copied the quote into Evernote against the notes I made after discussing with the customer. Then I noticed an error in the quotation which had not yet been emailed. So a quick change was made then it was emailed. Then the thought of how Evernote handles the attached document came to me! Best regards Chris
  3. Hi All, I have been inserting Word documents into Evernote after creating quotations and was wondering if I have to re insert if I change the quote in Word, or do they automatically update? Thanks for your help. Best regards Chris
  4. Hi All, Any idea anyone? Best regards Chris
  5. I have just downloaded QuickOffice HD to the ipad and can see an immediate problem. You must have an internet connection and every time you open a document it is downloaded and when you close it uploaded back to the Evernote site! Could be an expensive way of changing notes! I can find no mention of this in QuickOffice help. Nor can I find any way of adapting a document that has been downloaded. Might be there but I cannot see it. Best regards Chris
  6. Ha ha! Would be great if they could. Best regards Chris
  7. Hi All, I have my iMac set up to sync every 5 minutes but it does not seem to be doing this automatically. Am I missing something simple and can you shed any light on it? Thanks for your help. Best regards Chris
  8. Hi GrumpyMonkey, Yes I can confirm having just made a change to the note with three documents in and uploading it, there was no change to my 'Usage'. So looks like it would have to change to need re uploading. Best regards Chris
  9. Hi GrumpyMonkey, Ah that makes sense now. So basically you can link to a document rather than have it in the note? I guess you would have a separate note that does not get changed and it has the document in and this is what you would link to? Having said that I thought that on synching it only uploads changes. If the attached document had not been changes, surely it would not need to upload? Best regards Chris
  10. I have just realised another benefit of attaching documents to notes. Sometimes as today I create a quote from a supplier we rarely use or a product we have not been involved with before. Normally I would creat the quote, write any notes on it and then print the new suppliers quote to attach to our quotation. Today all I did is drag the quote from me and the supplier into the note. So when we get the order all Claire needs to do when she processes the order is open up the suppliers quote from my Evernote on her computer. Superb. I like this software! Best regards Chris
  11. Hi GrumpyMonkey, Sorry, I keep reading what you typed and for some reason cannot get my head around it. True it's near the end of day full of information, but are you able to explain it any other way? For example when you say 'letters' do you mean as in ABC or letters I send to my customers etc. Hi jbenson, Many thanks for that tip. I did think there might be a way to do that. Evernoted! Best regards Chris
  12. Hi All, I have been stealing others threads so thought it was time to create another of my own! Today I had a problem with an item that was returned by a customer last Sept and I in turn returned it to the manufacturer for more testing than we could do in the workshop. I realised that I had at least three bits of data associated with this return. Quotation for its replacement (Word) Return report from the factory (Excel) Explanation with photos of why it went wrong (Word) So against a new part of today's note I dragged all three documents in and added my typed notes about what is happening and what I am doing. If I get it right this should be a photo of my screenshot: http://www.evernote.com/shard/s124/sh/87ea6d73-432b-4799-bfaa-a3c2b0b87bb6/bf0d25194c2576b8d946de7dc59f6fe4 This is a great way of keeping these documents together. You can also see the way my structure of Notebooks is going on the left. But a question. Every time I drag a document into Evernote the computer slows up. This may have been because the document - Word - was open or could it be becasue of the size of the document? Best regards Chris
  13. Ah, I can only 'Like This' so many times! So a personal thanks once again for all of the information you have kindly passed on. I have spotted that the S1100 is no good as it only scans one side according to the Fujitsu website: http://scanners.fcpa.fujitsu.com/scansnapit/?gclid=CLCD0NKr660CFe4htAodYk-y6A So for portability and cross platform it is looking like the S1300 may be the answer. I ought to start a new thread really as I have a few questions as well. Best regards Chris
  14. Hi GrumpyMonkey, Thanks for that link, I don't think I have seen it and have of course Evernoted the link. Nice term that, I wonder how long before it makes it to the Oxford Dictionary!! I seem to be spending too much time looking at the benefits of Evernote and how everyone uses it! I must get on and do some work! Latest thing is reading about scanning. Whilst I have a top end Epson flatbed for photography I can see it will not be very good for documents and the speed that the ScanSnaps appear to give. The S1500 looks a good device, but I cannot see the point as I will rarely have larger than A4 and as it does not connect to Mac, that would restrict my operation. I have Windows as well, but like the idea of scanning to either. So the S1300 looks a good choice. I cannot get my head around the S1100 which seems good value for money and can scan A3 which seems amazing, but without checking the specs I am assuming it is not the same quality as the S1300. Best regards Chris
  15. jbenson, I have just had a chance to look at your link regarding the 'oven' purchase. So am I correct in saying you have one 'notebook' with lots of 'notes' in and all of those 'notes' you show in your link are scattered around the notebook? Each note is then identified by it's date code, your random code and various tags, which I guess include 'oven'. So when you search for the tag 'oven' this is what you get? Best regards Chris
  16. Thanks guys for the additional comments. gazumped, indeed I do look at Evernote and in the past OneNote as my filing cabinet. But this has always been about keeping all documents inside a folder for a specific task. So at home I have a folder in the filing cabinet for all my RPS work. In the same manner I am keeping documents or should I say 'notes' inside the relevant folder or again in Evernote terms 'Notebook'. I need to get my head around always searching for information whereas in the past I have just clicked on a 'Notebook' and opened a document up. Owyn, you seem to be operating in a similar fashion to me. Perhaps it is just about tweaking as I go along. It is very good to hear and see how others are using Evernote, after all I have no interest in re-inventing the wheel if you have already been through the heartache of doing this. Best regards Chris
  17. Thanks guys for taking the effort to explain. I will look deeper into this later on. I currently have the following Notebooks and sub Notebooks CCC (Calne Camera Club) CCC General - With various notes for events diary, spreadsheet on competitions etc Diary 2012 Diary 2012 Completed Diary 2011 Completed Diary etc Evernote here I have notes with links that you have kindly given to me. RPS (Royal Photographic Society) RPS General - With notes on meeting and excel diaries RPS Emails - For important emails. Side Notes - This is a hangover from my OneNote database. Lots of notes in here that need to be processed properly. Work So I guess from you what you are saying that this might be a typical new user layout, but moving over to less Notebooks and having lots of notes in one Notebook with correct tagging? Best regards Chris
  18. As another newbie I am struggling to understand why you would want to create separate notes for the same job/task. Surely it would be easier to keep all the relevant information against that one note? How else would you do it and keep the information together apart from ending up with the information spread over separate notes that may or may not be in separate notebooks. Seems to me, by keeping it in the same note it is the same as keeping all the information in the same folder in a drawer in your filing cabinet. Keen to understand if I am seeing the solution to this problem incorrectly. Best regards Chris
  19. I have been using Maximizer a CRM package since it was a DOS package. I have approx 15,000 contacts, with every conversation, letter, email, quotation since I bought this company in 1996. This information is invaluable and I cannot see this being done by any package other than a CRM. For me the benefit of a separate note taking package is being able to type simple notes that can be worked on then completed by creating a phone call, quotation, email etc on the CRM. It has surprised me that CRM's don't have this simple functionality, but Easynote has slipped in well with my current work flow. But in no way could Easynote be a replacement for a fully fledged CRM such as Maximizer. Best regards Chris
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