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  1. Hi bmi, All a bit like hieroglyphics to me! But no matter as this morning everything seems to work, which again is very odd. However, I have noticed our internet connection is so slow it won't even run a speed test! I managed one and it showed a download of 0.33 Mbps. Then the test which was failing got to about 0.19 after about 5 minutes it failed. Normally takes a few seconds! Will get on to my service provider and see what they have to say. Regards Chris
  2. Interesting thought bmi, Will see what I find in the office. Still seems odd that one account works and the other two don't! Regards Chris
  3. I agree, but why did it suddenly change earlier this week? Regards Chris
  4. Well you may think so, But as explained one out of three computers works fine. All three computers access and work on the internet fine. As of earlier this week all three have been working and syncing Evernote since I bought the new computers and installed Evernote on them. One is a few months old the other is about 6 - 8 months old. All the computers before these have been working fine, apart from the odd glitch with Evernote. So give me a clue, how do two computers out of three suddenly stop syncing Evernote whilst to all intense and purposes they do everything else correctly! Best regards Chris
  5. Just to make matters even more confusing! I have three laptops in the office all running Windows 8.1 Two out of the three don't sync Evernote properly, but work on the internet no problem. My laptop syncs Evernote and works on the internet no problem. As mentioned above, I have been working on one of the user accounts on one laptop. In the office I cannot get it to sync properly. Brought it home and it syncs fine! Very strange indeed. Regards Chris
  6. I think you might be right Gaz. I will have to download the other accounts databases onto my computer. Trouble is they are quite a few GB, but hey ho. Driving me nuts at the moment. I have been working on the one accounts computer and had it downloading the database last night. Got to the office and it seemed OK, but was still trying to sync. During the day I have created about 100 more Notes and none of them are going into that account, nor are any of the Notes created on there coming out! All fine on that accounts Web. Will take the laptop home again and see if I can move it over by database, but it worries me that it may not be syncing up from the account. Tried rolling back to a previous version that didn't work either. Uninstalled with Revo three times yesterday. When will Evernote get this problem resolved? Regards Chris
  7. The two other computers have still not synced. Called in to the office and yet again deleted Evernote using Revo Uninstall. Am now downloading all data. We shall see what happens! Regards Chris
  8. Bizarrely, the two other computers stopped syncing on our Business account today. Seems they sort of synced! Moving some of the data I had put on my account into theirs. Then they stopped then they started. Really not sure what is going on and hope they are both synced tomorrow. One didn't even ask to sync when I exited the programme, which is very odd indeed! All three are new computers running Windows 8.1 and all, now run the latest version of Evernote for Windows. Getting data between all three accounts is of paramount importance in the way I have set our business and our Business Evernote account up. Regards Chris
  9. My Windows 8.1 computer running Evernote Business has stopped syncing this morning in the office. I updated to the latest version yesterday evening - But I discovered that if I 'exit' the software will sync properly! Very odd indeed. Will see how it does during the day. Regards Chris
  10. Same as ENut, we have a Note for every task, email or phone call into my business, along with a Note for every quotation and every pdf! Soon adds up! Regards Chris
  11. No change lewe1773! Very frustrating. Regards Chris
  12. Hi Jean and welcome to the forums, I don't think your 'free' accounts will be able to connect to the Business version which is a different product to the Premium version. I have no idea what the 'error' message means but I am guessing it is a poor way of telling you that it won't work. Have you contacted support? Regards Chris
  13. I have some bad news for your theory! Just spotted that the computer which was not syncing the other day, is not syncing again! Drat! Chris
  14. Here you go, 14.64Mb Download 1.04MB Upload Never been this good! Reckon people have been hacked into our account for a very long time! Regards Chris
  15. FerciousFeline, There may be something in that. I discovered today that someone has hacked into our already slow internet connection both here and in the office. We would normally use about 4 or 5 GB of data a week. I received an email saying we had got near our monthly limit and watched the home usage go from a staggering 14 GB ending in just over 28 GB 3 hours after I phoned home and told them to turn it off! I have this afternoon sorted it by only allowing our Mac addresses for our products to connect and have no problem with syncing. It would appear that we had the same hacking in the office, so I am guessing that is why one computer would not work in the week. Regards Chris
  16. Fairly certain it has anything to do with the size of a Note. Interestingly when in my study at home this morning, my laptop would not sync. Came to the office and it is working fine! Regards Chris
  17. Hi Quarterback, Yes there are things that are not in the Business version that a lot of us Business users want, which includes creating and sharing stacks. It is very good to ask for them and the more people who do, maybe one day we will get them! In the meantime................ As I mentioned above see if you can work within the 'limitations' of Evernote Business as it works now. I agree with Burgers, you are the one who needs to determine if the software works in your use case. For me it works very well. I want more, but don't we all! In the meantime it is best solution to my small company needs. Best regards Chris
  18. Hi Karl, If the other computer is running Evernote, then that could be the problem. I believe, not being software technically minded there will some conflicts. Did you download Evernote from their website? Regards Chris
  19. That is a new one on me. Agree with Gaz, shut your Evernote down, download the latest version and see what happens. Regards Chris
  20. Hi K Drage, I wonder if you have deleted everything with Revo? There are a number of options as you plough through the delete process. I recommend you delete 'everything'. Probably easier for me as the computer is only a couple of months old. My thoughts: Do you have another Windows computer running at the same time with your Evernote working? If so switch it off. Have you got all of your Notes on the web version? Did you re-boot the computer after you uninstalled with Revo? Regards Chris
  21. Successfully uninstalled with Revo Uninstaller, Re-installed Evernote latest version and it synced perfectly with the online version. About 15,000 Notes and all done in a couple of hours. Best regards Chris
  22. As stated, if you are not happy with Evernote, there is little point complaining move on to something else. However, if you want to work at what is for you a free programme then make sure you uninstall properly. We recommend Revo Uninstaller for Windows, I think it also works on Mac, but leave that up to you to check. BUT! Make sure you confirm by logging in on line to see if you have all your Notes before deleting. Best regards Chris
  23. Like all software you need to decide if it fits your needs. Every piece of software has it's limitations, it is up to you to see if you can 'work within those limitations'. Regards Chris Business user and ex OneNote user.
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