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  1. Hi RJ Samp, Not sure what you mean by: 'Chris: this is a low point in customer service.' Do remember that we Evangelists are just users that have a little bit of experience and try to help other users like yourself. It can often mean a quicker turnaround for a problem. Do note that we are not Evernote Employees. If I understand your problem correctly then I think this needs to be raised as a support ticket. Have you done so yet? If not it may be worth doing so. In the meantime I have flagged this for someone to look at your problem. Regards Chris
  2. Hi Seen, Going to ask advice on this one for you to see if this is a limitation of a free account even with a shared Notebook, or a fault in which case we need to get a ticket raise. I or someone else will get back to you. Best regards Chris
  3. Hi RJ Samp, I think your problem is totally different from the OP. I have no idea what SOP and RMP mean I'm afraid. From what you say it seems like you have the normal desktop icon which is fine and normal from an install where you allowed the icon to be placed on the desktop. As to it 'silverlights' itself over anything that's placed over it I am struggling to understand that. Why would you place something over the icon? Certainly getting the lit box which is what I think you mean is again normal for any icon on the dekstop should you pass another icon over it. So what happens if you
  4. Hi Seen and welcome to the forum, You don't start out well by saying that EN support is rubbish! But lets see what we can get out of what you have stated. So you have created a shared Notebook in your premium account. Hopefully when you invited your free account by email you gave yourself the ability to make changes and add Notes? Having done the above correctly you should now be able to view and change Notes in the shared Notebook in your free account. This includes adding a photo, but remember you won't be able to add a high quality image as you are restricted on the maximum size of
  5. Hi Daanish, Click the order in which you want the Notes merged. Best regards Chris
  6. Thanks BnF, Tried that, but will try again just in case! Best regards Chris
  7. Hi BnF, My apologies, but I am just not understanding this very well! Let me give you a scenario. Notebook called 'Diary - 2013' Note called '130326 - General' I have an email I want to append to the the above Note. So I forward the email to my Evernote email address using the following subject line and all failed: 130326 - General+ 130326 - General + 130326 - General@Diary - 2013+ 130326 - General@Diary - 2013 + At least the last two made it into the correct Notebook! I know this is going to be so simple, but please put me out of my misery! Best regards Chris
  8. Tried several different ways of doing this but all of them failed. Then I realised that the email message is a bit contradictory: To add some text to an existing note, put a " +" at the end of your subject line and we'll place the body of the email into the most recent note with that title. It doesn't say, but you would assume that you add the name of the 'Note' after the + I tried just putting the + at the end and sending it to the Notebook to see if it would add to the most recent Note. It didn't work. (@Diary - 2013+) I tried putting + either side of the Note name. It didn't work
  9. Trying to use this on Windows as I have the same emails from Evernote. Never tried to use this feature, but just tried and found that it does indeed create another Note in the Notebook it was sent to. Pity, that could be a useful feature if I could get it going. Will try a couple of variations. Regards Chris
  10. Hi Martin, Glad your sorted. Regards Chris
  11. Hi Martin and welcome to the forum, As long as you have basic text and no documents or tick boxes etc you can select the text, right click and then click 'Encrypt Selected Text' add a password and your done! Regards Chris
  12. Hi Steve and welcome to the forums, I think you are perhaps getting a bit annoyed because you 'appear' to have notes gone missing. But to suggest that no Evernote tech can tell you what to do as you are not a novice to working in the cloud, is a bit of a tough stance to take. You are hardly likely to get anywhere if you tell people not to help you! As it happens, I think you need to read a lot of the information that is on this thread, let alone what is available throughout the forum. Remember that the people on the forum are few, there are 50 million users, I doubt the majority of those h
  13. Hi sb8636, Whilst on face value the idea of 'auto' tagging seems a good idea, it does feel like it could go drastically wrong! I have a scenario in my head of many tags that I won't know what they were originally for in the future. I wonder why you are not importing as you say using the 'Import Folders' feature, but bringing them into a new Notebook for your trip. it then becomes a fairly simple task - I would have thought - to tag the documents as you see fit? It will only be a few minutes work at worst, or am I missing something from your original request? But, have you tried searching
  14. Hi AirtjE, Welcome to the forums. I am sure you are aware of copying and pasting by either using 'Paste' which keeps formatting or 'Paste as Text' which uses the current Notes format. Have you tried using 'Clearly' instead of 'Clipper'? You may find this helpful. Or indeed as mentioned above if you copy from the web then use 'Paste as Text' it may help. I do like the idea of being able to select multiple unjoined (is that a word!!) lines in a Note and change the format. That would be a very useful feature. Best regards Chris
  15. I have two scanners for the very reason you need them! The Scansnap S1300 scans both sides and goes straight to Evernote. This lives in my study at home. The Doxie scans one side, but is battery operated and doesn't need a computer connected to run. I keep this with me all the time, even taking it in my back pack when I commute to my office on the bike. Both excellent low priced products. Best regards Chris
  16. Hi jsedward, I am assuming that you have installed an update? If so, on Windows it seems to remove the icon from the taskbar and I wonder if that is what you mean? All you need do, is run the software again then right click the icon in the taskbar and tick 'pin this program to the taskbar'. If that isn't it, then like GrumpyMonkey suggests you need to give us more information. Hi Billiegoat, Again, I assume you have probably installed an update? In chrome I have seen this remove the clipper icon, is that what you mean? If so you will probably find that you it needs to re activate
  17. Hi DCG, Not really sure what all that means - not a programmer. But is there a table in the ICMIF conference document? Is there a way you can save the details of that Note, then delete it then sync? Hopefully it might work then. Afterwards you would obviously need to re-create the note. If you get that far and it fails again there must something wrong with the Note I guess and the only way to resolve it would be to send in a support ticket. Best regards Chris
  18. Hi Extropy, It is a very good question and I have a feeling there will be more than one way to resolve this. You could indeed sign 'Joe' up on the business and he could then log in to Evernote via two different email addresses. I believe he could also change his email address to be that of his new 'Business' one which would mean he could then see both his 'Personal' and 'Business' 'Notes' at the same time. As 'Joe' is not the new 'Business' account personally I would think he will have to 'downgrade' his account to a free account so he is not billed anymore. I am interested to see wh
  19. Hi Kim, I think the problem that caused the original loss of the data has now been replaced by a sync issue. You state that you 'uninstalled and reinstalled' the software. This means that your 'log' is not available via the normal method as it has re set. But it will be stored on your computer and in the folder with your Evernote application. If the 'Note' is not available in your trash or on your web then it may well be gone, but I suggest you urgently contact support and see if they can find it. I lost 10,000 notes which they found and sorted out for me! The sync problem is, I believe, becau
  20. Hi Ed, Here we go: Windows Change name in program Makes it to the Web Doesn't make it to the Library Doesn't make it to another user Mac Change name in program Makes it to the web Makes it to the Library Doesn't make it to another user (but does show in their library) So whilst the Mac is better, it still has a problem. I reckon you have found a bug there Ed. Regards Chris
  21. I am not on the main computer at the moment having gone to bed and on the iPad. If memory serves this is a bug and cannot be done at the moment. Regards Chris
  22. They remain encrypted on my Samsung Galaxy Android phone also. Regards Chris
  23. Hi Bill, On my iMac running version 5.04 of Evernote, when I right click a shared folder, this is the option I get if I have full control: This is what I get if it is a public shared Notebook that I have no control over: So the option you would need to tick is 'Leave Notebook'. If you don't have that option then 'support' need to get involved. Best regards Chris
  24. Hi Bill, No you cannot delete notes from a 'shared' notebook, unless you have been given full rights to do so, which is unlikely if you have joined on a public share. What computer are you on? On a Windows machine I right click and get the following options: Rename Delete Add To Stack Export Notes Properties Best regards Chris
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