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  1. An enjoyable read and of course one persons opinion, which I think he tries to explain in his follow up blog. We predicted a while ago that the company needed a change at it's head and we have obviously now got it. It would be fool hardy of the new leader to publish anything too strong before he has finished his evaluations and discussed with those above him. It took me nearly 6 months to do the same in a much smaller company than Evernote! You MUST get your facts right. As to the viability and future of Evernote, I do wonder if some people just want what they need and expect, 'everything', from a software package such as Evernote? That is not meant to be derogatory, just a thought. When I sold quality control software some 30 years ago for £25k per floppy disc, I was often asked if the software would do 'this' or 'that', 'Because if it did, I would buy it now'. My answer was always the same, 'yes, it can do that'. But of course this would make it a bespoke package for that customer and the cost would be in the region of £250k! Needless to say no one took my offer up. But I then explained what I have on these and other forums many times: Work within the limitations of the software. Make what it does work for you. When I moved over from OneNote many years ago, I disliked the layout of Evernote. The reason being I was not used to it. I spent a bit of time working out how I could make Evernote 'mine'. I worked within it's 'limitations'! In the end I have over 20,000 Notes in my Business and Personal Evernote that makes my life and day so much easier. Like all of us, there are bits that I would like to see changed. The biggest one that Grumpy talks about for a business, is of course security. But again I work within the limitations of that, making sure nothing goes into my Evernote that could cause me a problem. What do I see in Evernote's future? I do believe we will see some changes over the next year, that will make it the leading product we once believed it was. Only my thoughts and perhaps hopes, but it is the way I see it. Bearing in mind that 12 - 18 months ago, I was looking at alternatives, that is a great step forward for Evernote! I hasten to add, having been bitten too many times, I never upgrade straight away! However, I see that Evernote appears to be doing a better job of checking the upgrades before their release! Some of us old hands can tell of terrible times trying to resolve dreadful problems! Best regards Chris
  2. Hi eric99, The software cannot determine if you want to encrypt. It sounds to me like you would be better turning off auto syncing and doing it manually. Best regards Chris
  3. C6REW


    Good morning Hognoodle, I think you must be doing something wrong, but cannot get my head around it. Once you make a change on a Note, does Evernote sync before you look on the Web? Make sure it syncs before you turn off the computer or in your words 're-boot' the software. I have 20,000 Notes and some on here many more than that. It syncs fine between several computers, phones, iPads and users. I almost live in Evernote and is fine apart from some odd problems that occur every now and then - Top Tip, never install the latest updates until they have been in use for some time. Same as any software really! With over 100 million users you can imagine that it must have something to do with the way you are using it? Have a try with what I suggested above and let us know how you get on. Best regards Chris
  4. Good morning Paul, You have received some great advice. I will also add how I deal with your situation. First of all every Note I create or send to Evernote from Outlook has a date code added before an explanation of what it is, for example your current insurance docs might go into a Note called the following if created today: 150502 - Insurance Docs - 2015 - 2016 - Bugatti Veyron I would then add three Tags, Vehicle, Bugatti, Insurance The date code means the newest Notes are always at the top. As suggested you could easily change the date code to put this Note at the top of your list in a Notebook all the time. But I wouldn't bother as it is simple to just search within the Notebook you keep these documents for the Tags, Bugatti, Insurance. Once I get new insurance the old Note for last years documents goes into an Archive Notebook which is where I put all my 'old' Personal Notes. Being a Business User of Evernote, I have another Archive for Business Notes. As long as you have a simple and easy to follow Tag list, this system works incredibly well and is easy to follow. Hope it helps. Best regards Chris
  5. Hi Giovanni, No worries, we each use Evernote as best we can for our own purposes. As I mentioned there are some issues with Tags in Business so it was an easy solution for me to use limited Notebooks under Sub Notebooks. Not sure I would change back when Business Tags is sorted as it works well. Best regards Chris
  6. Hi Giovanni, I have: 43 Personal Notebooks under 4 main headings 57 Business Notebooks under 6 main headings 15 Shared Notebook - not mine - under 2 main headings Total of approx 20,000 Notes which are mine. I find using Notebooks for headings and Sub-Notebooks a very easy and useful way of working Evernote for me. I will continuously add and remove Notebooks as necessary. So for example all Notes relating to a car I have just sold are now in an Archive Notebook. There are a number of problems with Tags in the Business version so it became a necessity to make sure Notebooks worked. Regards Chris
  7. Hi Alan, I have just dropped the latest version of Maximizer having been a user since it was a dos package. To be honest, it was getting so unwieldy and power hungry I gave up trying. Every time I bought a new Windows computer with the latest OS I had to change to a new version. I assessed the cloud version, but it was to honest totally useless and very costly. The solution I found was Microsoft's Business Contact Manager - BCM - which is a part of Outlook. I imported all my contacts and have been amazed at just how good this is. I tend to not bother keeping many notes in it, but continue to use Evernote for all my Note and customer contact information. Best regards Chris
  8. I agree with Gaz, You won't see it straight away. But you need to start creating Notebooks in the Business section to see the Business Library. As with Gaz's request, it helps to know what you are using. Regards Chris
  9. Hi Michael, I take it that is a joke? The good news is that the Mac is working superbly and as it should - and I hasten to ad as it has always done. I moved 600 Notes from one Notebook to another and the sync process to the online version and Windows took a few minutes! This means as I have suggested that this is a separate problem related to Windows. Regards Chris
  10. What I mean is bar moving a lot of Notes, syncing is fine. I see this as a separate but equally annoying fault with syncing. Regards Chris
  11. Everything is syncing well at the moment. But! I have noticed that if I make too many changes the sync fails. For example, I have moved about a thousand Notes in two Notebooks into an archive Notebook. That went smoothly, but every time I sync it fails, after moving maybe 20 - 30 Notes to the cloud. The worst part of this, is it doesn't then get over the problem. When it should sync 5 minutes later, it doesn't because it is in fail mode. You have to click on sync to move the Notes over. I had hoped that if I left the computer running overnight it would sort itself out, but alas no! Shame really as this is a necessary part of the way I use my Notebooks. It will take me a long time to sync nearly 2,000 Notes after moving them. Will try the next two Notebooks, either online or on the Mac as that always seemed to do the job easier than Windows. But it is a long time since I have used either. Regards Chris
  12. Hi Ryan, Had you seen Notes on her database before? To be honest, I think if you have deleted them they may well be gone from the software. However, if you have access to the computer or one were the database had been run from you should be able to find the persons database and possible restore it again - not done that with a de-registered account so be careful and experiment with an off line computer. If you go 'Tools', 'Options', it tells you were the local files are stored. This is also were the database is stored. Look for the name of the persons account. Regards Chris
  13. Hmm, That doesn't really explain what you need. I think it is about making sure the Notebooks/Notes are synced with someone before revoking the account, otherwise anything they have which is different may not be available. Did they have anything that was not also in use by another person in the business? Do you have any back up data? Regards Chris
  14. Hi Ryan, Check answers 3/4 of the way down the page https://evernote.com/contact/support/kb/#!/article/26999928 Regards Chris
  15. Hi Johnny, Not sure and agree with Gaz to raise it with support. But, do you have an extra account to sign into with the new business? Ie, has it got the additional licence for you? If so that will have been allocated via an email address I believe. If not, then your problem may be there. Which brings me to a possible solution to your problem. Use a different email address and have that one allocated to you in the new business account. Regards Chris
  16. Hi Jean, If you wanted to share 'Business' Notes the other users would also need a Business version of Evernote. Having a Premium account would not allow access. Regards Chris
  17. Since installing it on the three business computers we have not had any sync problems! Fingers crossed! Regards Chris
  18. Right click on the Notebook and one of the options is: 'Add to stack'. That should solve your problem. Best regards Chris
  19. I reckon if you shortened your title and put all the Notes in a Notebook called Journal it might be even quicker: 2015-02-03 Or the way I title my Notes based on great information from 'GrumpyMonkey' on the forum: 150203 You could then copy and paste and only need to change the last digits during a month. Regards Chris
  20. Like Jeff I cannot think of a way to do this. However, what are your journal notes created with at the moment? Depending on how they have been created there may be a way to automatically creating a title based on date, but again not sure how you would do it. Do your journal notes have a date already as a title, or as a header/start of journal? If so you should be able to import them and they will automatically have that same title or the Evernote Note title will be the first line of text in the imported Note. Regards Chris
  21. Shouldn't be a problem, it will just download each of their databases. Regards Chris
  22. Information here Jojo. http://en2one.proboards.com/ Regards Chris
  23. Check out this thread, it has been a big problem for a while. https://discussion.evernote.com/topic/79932-evernote-for-windows-5816061-sync-bug/ Regards Chris
  24. Just thought! In the office we stream radio via the internet. It does drop out occasionally, but has done for a long time. Regards Chris
  25. Hi bmi, Some useful information, best I Evernote it! Many thanks. I use DropBox, but have little use for it in work. However, interestingly enough I tried to download a relatively small video file from my account during the week and it failed! Regards Chris
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