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  1. Thanks for the tip, hopefully it will help others as well. Best regards Chris
  2. Hi Spence and welcome to the forums, Didn't realise it was not there on the Mac, very annoying. Got it on my Windows computer and use it all the time, would certainly be lost if I had to be without it. Regards Chris
  3. Hi Thomas and welcome to the forum, Bringing this to the attention of the right people for you. Best regards Chris
  4. Hi and welcome to the forum, You don't actually say that you created a support ticket via your Business admin. Once done, I would be totally shocked if the problem was not dealt with. You might want to tell us what the problem is as well. If you have a ticket please put the number on this thread. Best regards Chris
  5. Can I suggest that as Gaz has suggested you look again at Revo as this is a recognised programme for completely un-installing software. I think you will find this may be the answer to your problem. I would copy all of your Evernote folder before doing so. Best regards Chris
  6. Hi Kenny, Glad it is sorted for now and hope it stays that way for you! Best regards Chris
  7. Hi Bruce and welcome to the forum, Of course Evernote make sure their products work. But there can always be problems with a specific set of circumstances, which appears to be what you and possibly Kenny have. Did you follow my suggestion of completely removing Evernote software? Check out the second post on this thread where Geoff explains how to completely remove the software using 'Revo' uninstaller. http://discussion.evernote.com/topic/36401-windows-error-code-2732-workarounds/ Best regards Chris
  8. Hi Kenny and welcome to the forum, It is some time since I have experienced this problem and I had various ways of sorting it. The key problem always seemed to be (for me) a difference in Note numbers in Notebooks between the software on my laptop and the web. I would go through each Notebook checking on both where the fault lay. On a couple of occasions the only way of solving the problem completely was to move all the Notes into a new Notebook. But, here is the good news! Since I bought a new laptop running Windows 8 I have not experienced the problem. Now I don't honestly think that
  9. Hi Allison, I think you may have read my posts incorrectly. I and all the Evangelists I know are nothing like 'zealous advocates' indeed if you care to check you will find that we also want a lot of what others want. The difference is, we do understand that some individuals have specific problems that appear to be their end. There are of course problems with various versions of both the software and operating systems and we become aware of those as they are reported as well. I have seen a lot of complaints about the way the 'Business' version works and fully understand and want for myself,
  10. Hi Allison, Whilst not on the support team, yes I do have a little bit of an insight to the Business software! We can also see that your problem is indeed not being re-produced by the Evernote support team as stated above. So I repeat, I think it is incorrect to say it is flawed as I am not aware of others having 'many, many technical problems' with the software. Be good to find out what your problems are on top of this one you mention. In the meantime I am sure the team will get you sorted as soon as they can. Best regards Chris
  11. Hi Allison, Not sure that it is correct to call it flawed, if others are not seeing the same problem? I am sure the team and yourself will get to the bottom of it. Best regards Chris
  12. Hi Allison, Sorry been busy. I have the Mac but don't use Chrome, hopefully someone else will come along and make a suggestion. Best regards Chris
  13. Hi Allison, There is certainly not a problem in Windows 8. What version of software and OS are you using? Best regards Chris
  14. Good idea! Not sure if it is possible but we shall see what Evernote have to say. Regards Chris
  15. Still being asked to log in fairly frequently so the 'work around' does not appear to work. Best regards Chris
  16. I found some time ago that in Office packages such as Outlook and Word, all you do is right click and look at the options for paste. If you choose the first option it will be the larger text as mentioned by OP and others. If you choose subsequent options it will be the same font and size already in use in the document. Best regards Chris
  17. Just disabled it, will keep you informed. Regards Chris
  18. I started noticing this when I installed iobit and Advanced System Care, which makes everything a bit more secure. I now have to re load web pages when I boot the computer up and have to log back on to clipper and other programmes. Just got used to it really and accept it is part of the security I now work with. Best regards Chris
  19. Hi Mathio80, I have the choice to turn any of these feature off without any difficulty. So not sure why you think that Evernote is causing you a problem or are not thoughtful? Best regards Chris
  20. Hi Mathi80 and welcome to the forum, Nothing at all about 'Evernote being ever so persistent...' This is a superb feature of Evernote that I and others use all the time. Glad you got your problem sorted. Best regards Chris
  21. I would be so pleased to get this working! For me using the name of the Note with a space then the '+' sends an email to my default Notebook arriving as a New Note. Very annoying! Have tried to do this with both my Business and Private Notebooks. Am guessing the problem is associated with the Business account. Regards Chris
  22. Ah! I may be the Newbie here! I cannot find my 'welcome to Evernote' email, but the first communication was 25/01/12! Chris
  23. Hi RJ Samp, Not sure what you mean by: 'Chris: this is a low point in customer service.' Do remember that we Evangelists are just users that have a little bit of experience and try to help other users like yourself. It can often mean a quicker turnaround for a problem. Do note that we are not Evernote Employees. If I understand your problem correctly then I think this needs to be raised as a support ticket. Have you done so yet? If not it may be worth doing so. In the meantime I have flagged this for someone to look at your problem. Regards Chris
  24. Hi Seen, Going to ask advice on this one for you to see if this is a limitation of a free account even with a shared Notebook, or a fault in which case we need to get a ticket raise. I or someone else will get back to you. Best regards Chris
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