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  1. I don't want to defend Microsoft, but on the few occasions I had problems, I have phoned their support and had the problem dealt with immediately! I am not sure how I could want for any more from a company or support team? Regards Chris
  2. That is so good it needs to be the mantra of everyone who moans about a software package that changes and subsequently annoys them! Regards Chris
  3. Had a very quick look at fileone, but a few things bother me. I think it looks very amateurish and new. It appears to me that Regatzo works for the company or maybe is the company. I believe he/she should have stated that in the post. For me, I need to use Outlook as it is my main means of contact. Be good to see if it continues to get developed. Best regards Chris
  4. Hi Joe, I cannot find a way of doing this. Something tells me that it won't be something you could turn off. Are you sharing your computer with others? Just wondering why it would be a privacy issue for you! Best regards Chris
  5. Definitely prefer bottom up. Running my business with some 20,000 Notes, I find it works simply and intuitively . So Evernote, keep it as it is please. Best regards Chris
  6. Hi Sharih, As far as I know, unless the business card has turned into useful text there is nothing you can do. If it has turned into text then it will be about importing that into something like a spreadsheet and making sure each contact details are the same. How many do you have? If not too many I would just type it out. If you have several thousand, it would not cost a lot to get someone to type them into a spreadsheet. Best regards Chris
  7. Done the searches already and signed in to Intellinote. Appears to be a very clever package, but need to investigate more. No way of importing Evenote Notes at the moment though. Regards Chris
  8. That link takes you to a sign in or create new account page. Yet there is no information on what the software does. Do you have a website with that information. Best regards Chris
  9. It is very sad that this feature has been removed. I have a couple of Notebooks that are shared all over the world by the Public method. This is also one of the great features I rant about to friends and acquaintances, particularly when wearing my Evernote T Shirt and they ask me about it. Regards Chris
  10. Hi Kelly, Unless you find someone who can do a bit of programming, I somehow doubt this will be possible. What we need is one of our software technical bods to confirm. Regards Chris
  11. Hi Andre, Tends to take a few seconds every time Andre. The time seems to vary for no apparent reason. Best regards Chris
  12. Hi Andre, Not sure if you spotted my note on the doc, Line 40. The Outlook plugin, does show up Business Tags, but after a short period of time. They don't come up straight away as the Personal ones do. Regards Chris
  13. C6REW . . . . That is just AWESOME. You should post that in its own thread. I find this VERY helpful in seeing how people actually use their Evernote and already considering changes to mine . . . Hi John, You are most welcome and glad you found it useful. I have published on the forum a few times. Best regards Chris
  14. An interesting question! A lot depends on what you want to do with a contact manager. If you have a lot of companies and contacts then the answer if probably no. I have 15,000 customers in Maximizer. I store all the company details along with emails, quotes, telephone conversations. However, I have found that I can use Evernote to detail enquiries by keeping a daily diary. Here is something I put together to explain how I run my diary. I guess you could call this very loosely a contact manager as all email and quotation information is kept in the Note: In my set up of Evernote I
  15. If you have a need to see information in multiple Notes then you need to copy the Note and paste a link to it. So for example if I have a Note about a customer enquiry and want to include a pdf of the product they are interested in, there are times it is easier to keep a link to the pdf in the same Note. - I have a lot of pdf's within Evernote of products I need to refer to wherever I am. Or maybe I want to include a link to a Note on an enquiry from another customer who asked the same thing. By right clicking the link you can then open the Note in a new window. If necessary you can work on i
  16. Hi and welcome to the forum, I think you have answered the question yourself. It is $10 per month per user or $120 per year per user. Best regards Chris
  17. See?This is exactly why I am coming to completely hate these apps. Dropbox is the SAME WAY. When you have a problem, it's your fault, you're not doing enough, and you should quit griping. You are being patronizing when I have a completely legitimate gripe: your app does not deliver the service it promises to provide. And so here I am, wasting all of my time trying to figure out YOUR PROBLEM. And in answer to your query, I am on this board right now, am I not? AS a matter of fact, again: I'm wasting my precious time, responding to your condescension and unjustified irritation at my concern ab
  18. Hi jOK, Welcome to the forum. I have read both your post and understand your frustration. It would have been better to have this on your own thread. But lets start the ball rolling on here. In the first instance your opening statement seems to imply that you think your computers will sync together? This is not the case. Your account will sync to the web and each device needs to syn after that, giving you the information on each device. Can you let us know if you synced after inputting on your Macbook? Best regards Chris
  19. Hi Norm, I create diary Notes for customer enquiries and use colour coding to differentiate between customers, suppliers and me. I will put up a link later with an example for you. Best regards Chris
  20. Hi JM, That's a good workaround. I have started Personal and Business Archives and thought it would be good to exclude them from a search. Regards Chris
  21. The iPad has been challenging because it typically has a lower resolution camera and it doesn't have a flash or LED to help improve the quality of the image. This has especially been the case with older generation iPads like iPad 2 and older and iPods Touches older than 5th gen. We have some optimizations in the next release that hopefully will make it auto capture work better on the newer generation iPads and iPod Touches. For the older gen devices, we will disable auto-capture because it just doesn't work and ends up frustrating the user. For interest, if it helps, my iPad is the 5t
  22. Not been reading updates. This works really well with the iPad as I don't have an iPhone. Looking forward to getting it on Android. The iPad takes the photo when it wants to, sometimes even though it is not in focus. Is this the same with the iPhone? Regards Chris
  23. If you delete a Note from a Shared Notebook and the Notebook belongs to someone else, they will have the Note in their trash, not yours. Basically, if they own the Notebook and you try to get rid of Notes, you cannot do so, they always have the originals in their Trash. Regards Chris
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