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  1. Hi All, I have the answer! It doesn't make sense, but at least you will know what to do if it happens to you! The answer was to create a new Note inside the troublesome Notebook, so it now has two Notes. The 'lock' which was shown in the top right cleared the moment I created the new Note. Best regards Chris
  2. Hi All, Well the problem with the new Note not accepting attachments maybe solved! I created a new Note, rather than sending from an email directly and then put the attachments in it. Will have to see if emails cause the same problem or if it was with this specific one. Regards Chris
  3. Hi All, Just in case anyone else is having the same issue, I have sent a report to Evernote about the following: We have three Business Users and a one specific Notebook and single Note which has full edit ability for everyone in the business locks for one user. I have re-created the Notebook and Note from each user and the same happens on the one users computer. Strangely they have full access and edit ability on the web! I have also just experienced another problem which is when I create a new Note either by sending an email with attachment or create a Note and tr
  4. Hi Krunoslav, The way I look at software is probably different from most folks. It is based around how I used to sell quality control software to the automotive industry. Typically two floppy discs - yes it was that long ago - would cost £25,0000 or about $33,000. Customers would ask for a feature that was not there and I would explain they could have it, but the change would cost about $250,000! Of course they would be shocked and I explained how doing one change for them could become expensive. The alternative is to work within the limitations of the software. This is somethin
  5. Yes you can do that if you choose. As mentioned I use this date code which works well. With over 25,000 Notes spanning 8 years of information and an additional 20 years of information slowly being inputted to Evernote, I need to be able to access any Note easily, using a simple date code helps. Regards Chris
  6. Hi Krunoslav, You probably have it set to 'Sort Notes by Updated'. Change it to 'Sort Notes by Created'. Once you have done this, go File, Exit and it will save the settings, so when you switch on Evernote next time, it will have remembered them. Best regards Chris
  7. Hi Krunoslav, Not sure if you found a way round this, but I have a lot of pinned Notes at the top of Notebooks. I use a simple date naming procedure that means my Notes are all in order: I have this Note in a Notebook for my camera club emails: 151209 - SAMPLE JUDGE EMAIL So I created it on the 9th December 2015 If I want this Note to stay at the top of the Notebook, I would then go in and change the date created the one above shows it was created: 9/12/2020 My system is set up to show Notes in order of date created and reverse sort order. This way the '
  8. Having both accounts separately in the Windows version is absolutely the best change that Evernote made. It is so easy to switch between Business or Personal accounts. With 25,000+ Notes it is necessary to have a simple demarcation and thank goodness we have it. Regards Chris
  9. Belated, seen and signed up for this. Just so pleased with Evernote and the way we use it in our business.
  10. Finding this a very useful product to have. Advising me what has changed in both my Business and Personal Evernote. A recommended product. Chris
  11. Just spotted it sends an email at 08:00 every day. I take it that will be a single email with a list of all the changes that have taken place with the shared Note and hopefully Notebooks? Regards Chris
  12. This looks a good idea and like Gaz, but a bit later, I have only just spotted it. Just signed up but taking a while to send me a notification. Does it also notify when a new Note it put in a shared Notebook? Regards Chris
  13. Definitely a good move by Evernote, thank you very much from this Business user. Regards Chris
  14. Hi Brandon, Not that I am aware of. I have uploaded nearly 15,000 contacts to Zoho and no charge beyond $20 per month per person. Best regards Chris
  15. Just read an article on it Brandon and it appears that the cost goes through the roof when you start to add a larger number of contacts! Does that seem right? http://www.thesaleslion.com/massive-review-hubspot-crm-pricing-videos-training-tutorials/ Regards Chris
  16. Good morning all, I felt it only correct to let you know the following regarding my experience with insightly. An important part of our process is to use Microsoft Word, where we not only have templates but use auto-text also known as building blocks. This makes even long quotations quick and easy to create. Unfortunately I could not find any way of getting insightly to do this and more importantly, I emailed them and they told me to go on their forum, which is supposedly manned 24/7. I did so and even though I replied to my own post asking for help urgently before my 14 day trial period
  17. As mentioned previously, I have been using CRM packages for a very long time, back to when we used them in DOS. I cannot see that Evernote would be any good unless you only had a handful of customers. If this is the case then it would be fairly straightforward. I would have one Notebook per customer and keep all Notes including quotations within that Notebook. You could give yourself alarms for important events or tracking events. For us with close to 15,000 customers, that is not possible. Salesforce is not only too elaborate but extortionately expensive when you have more than a few p
  18. Based on Phil reminding me that we only have about 10-11 months left with BCM before MS pull the plug on Outlook not updating, I have been doing some research again! Every now and then I take a look at reviews and then investigate CRM's. With a cloud version also high on my 'want' list, but everything I found up to now is too complicated or very expensive. This last week I found and have been testing 'insightly' which appears to be a great product and from free if you are a small business. I would be looking at $12 per person, per month which would be suitable for us. Just trying to get my
  19. Hi Phil, Yes and I should have stated that when I posted. I have a block on the update and a load of us are already onto MS to get that decision cancelled. Whether it happens again - they tried to do it a couple of years ago - remains to be seen. Again we are looking at the paid for but over the top version that MS has as well. Best regards Chris
  20. Hi, I have been a long time user of Maximizer as a CRM, from it's DOS days and used to teach companies how to use it. As the years went on, Maximizer became more and more complicated and they stated that you had to get a representative to install it at an exorbitant cost. The more I tried to get it sorted the worst it got! I researched other packages but they all seemed to have the same problems. I have been using OneNote then Evernote for some years and found myself relying on Evernote to give me my day to day information. Below is information on how I have set up my company. I publis
  21. Hi Nancy, Many thanks for coming back. I wonder if that is a conscious decision by Evernote or it is too difficult to get it working? We Business users have always been told it is coming. It would make life much easier and allow us the same benefits of Tags that we get on the Personal Evernote. Not being able to have multiple Nested Notebooks is a problem, Nested Tags obviously a good solution. Regards Chris
  22. Hi Nancy, I take it, Nested Tags are still not sorted for the Business version of Evernote? Regards Chris
  23. I am also sad that Food has been removed, it was indeed a great app. Simply to remember those great locations and meals we had as we travelled. Some of you techie folks out there, must be able to create an add in for Evernote? Better that, than having yet another app on my phone, and computers. I wonder if the problem here is that Evernote, didn't ask it's customers if they wanted Food? If they did, I for one would love to see the results of that survey. If the percentages where low, then I guess there is nothing which can be done. At the end of the day it is all about numbers. Regards
  24. Hi Alan, I have just dropped the latest version of Maximizer having been a user since it was a dos package. To be honest, it was getting so unwieldy and power hungry I gave up trying. Every time I bought a new Windows computer with the latest OS I had to change to a new version. I assessed the cloud version, but it was to honest totally useless and very costly. The solution I found was Microsoft's Business Contact Manager - BCM - which is a part of Outlook. I imported all my contacts and have been amazed at just how good this is. I tend to not bother keeping many notes in it, but continu
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