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  1. FIRST !!  Set your preferences to manual sync to make sure it will not do any further syncs with Evernote Cloud
    Method 1: 
    Try signing out and quitting Evernote on your device and view your Notes using the EN Web client at Evernote.com (must be on a PC or Mac). 
    Check your Notes there, including the EN Trash.
    • Merging Notes does put the original Notes in the EN trash but does NOT permanently delete them.
    • To permanently delete the Notes in the trash requires user action (unless there is a bug).
    Method 2 : Time Machine if you have a Mac
    The key for restoring notes from a Time Machine or from another computer is to disconnect the computer from the internet. If you haven't open Evernote on your PC since you merge the notes, there is a chance you can restore them.
    • Disconnect your PC from the internet
    • Open Evernote on your PC
    • Locate the note and export them How to here
    • Once the notes are exported, connect your computer to the internet
    • Import the notes to your account
    Best of luck! 
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      Not sure why you have sent this to me, I am an Evernote supporter and help folks in business and privately.



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