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  1. Hi All, Oh dear! I don't normally update until a version has been around a while. Unfortunately I made a bad decision when away on business and updated! I have over 32,000 Notes and probably half of those contain emails. The upgrade has stripped a lot of the headers from the emails and placed them at the top of the Note. Sad thing is, no amount of updates will get this one sorted. Feeling very miffed at this one. Regards Chris
  2. Hi Ted, Go have a look at Zoho. I have been involved with CRM's since DOS days and used to be a Maximizer fan, but it got too complicated and too expensive. Zoho, which is an online service, seems to tick all of the boxes and integrates well with MS, in particular for us Outlook at Word. Definitely a product worth investigating. Best regards Chris
  3. You could try to click Ctrl then Help. You will now see an expanded list in the Help list. Try 'Fix All Notes' to see if that helps. Be aware, depending on the size of your database that it may take quite a time. Regards Chris
  4. Hi LaFlamme, Thanks for trying and sorry it didn't work. Indeed, it does work if you are having sync problems, but I hoped it may have solved this problem for you. Regards Chris
  5. Not read all of this thread again, but typically if you have a problem with a Note, it can be found - on Windows, not tried on my Mac as away on business - by selecting All Notes, then clicking Ctrl followed by the Sync icon. I cannot guarantee this will be the answer for this problem, but it is worth a try. Best regards Chris
  6. Hi wusunspurs, First of all you should be able to find deleted Notes in the Trash. Just restore them. However, if you have deleted part of a Note then yes, you can go to another device, log onto the internet and they should still be there. Copy them as a new Note. Then they should sync over to the device that is currently not logged onto the cloud. Best regards Chris
  7. Hi Michael, Very frustrating, I feel for you. I have only ever seen this happen when two people are working on a Note, but you seem to be taking care of that. As you will obviously be aware Evernote is a great collaborative tool, but sadly not at the same time! We share over 22,000 Notes in my Business and I really don't think this has happened. It might be worth setting up some share Notes for testing purposes to see what is happening. I am going to guess that even though you are syncing, the Note is not updating correctly on both your computers. Best regards Chris
  8. Hi Graham, I am another Surface Pro user and own the 3 and 4. There are definitely issues if you try to use the touch screen. In fact it gets even worse where I have accidentally moved Notebooks! Evernote removed support for the touch version and I would strongly recommend you don't try and do anything on the screen in the normal Evernote. Having said that, if you are not using touch, then Gaz's suggestion seems to be your best solution to finding an answer. Best regards Chris
  9. I prefer Acrobat as well. Easy to use and as you say Gaz it compresses best when required. Chris
  10. Hi Gaz, Got to agree with that. I bought the ScanSnap ix500 for the office and it makes very little difference in scan time to OCR. But it is available instantly! Superb scanner by the way and definitely worth buying. I have the ScanSnap S1300i in my study at home and it takes a little longer to OCR. Then I have the Doxie DX250 wifi model in my bag when travelling. The wifi is not worth it to be honest, but it is great portable scanner. Regards Chris
  11. Thank you, That is much more professional and comes across as a personal opinion which is great. The more we get on the forum like this the better. Best regards Chris
  12. I think your words are poorly chosen. It is fine to give an alternative, but not to tell someone reading this thread that you advise them not to follow these steps. It is in my opinion rude and arrogant. Regards Chris
  13. I have no idea why you think your method is that much better that you 'advise' not adding these steps! As a long term business and personal user of Evernote as well as being an Evernote advisor and helper to both business and personal users, I would advise that this method provides a simpler and quicker way of getting scans into your computer. Best regards Chris
  14. Hi to the OP, Gaz's list of things to look out for is very important and definitely worth reading a couple of times. For what it is worth I see Evernote as my filing cabinet, Notebooks are Drawers and hanging folders in the filing cabinet and the documents in the folders of your filing cabinet are my Notes in Evernote. I do use Notebooks and probably more than most, but run my business and personnel Evernote very strictly. We are currently scanning over 30 years of order files so, like you, we can get rid of the paperwork that has taken over the store room. We use a high end scanner and I have found it more effective to get the scanner to OCR which only takes a few seconds more even on large scans. I also found it easier with the business account to scan to a specific folder on the computer then have that as an automatic 'Import Folder' on a Windows computer. This gives us two copies of every document. The computer folder, can, if we require, be saved to an external hard drive or off line. But the problem we have is our Evernote database is over 30K Notes and about 30GB in size. Once the scans are in the 'Import Folder' you can then re-name if required and store in specific Notebooks. I would look at making generic Notebooks that might cover a number of years or similar type of data. You can then add 'Tags' to differentiate. So for example our daily work encompasses the following Notebooks: Diary - 2016 (any enquiries be they telephone or email go into here until dealt with) Diary - 2016 - Completed (once an enquiry has been dealt with the Note goes into here) Word - 2016 (for quotations which automatically go into this Notebook from the computer folder where they are saved) Every year I add a Tag to the Notes for the year and then put them in a Dairy Archive folder. The same with Word documents they will have a Tag then go into a quotes archive folder. So as you can see it is about looking at your requirements and adapting Evernote to suit. Best regards Chris
  15. Hi, The only real reason that I have found with over 30K Notes for the font to change is when I import an email via Outlook, then start typing myself. This can cause multiple fonts to appear. I didn't think it did this in the past and has only started in the last 3 - 6 months that I am aware of. If I start a new Note and type in it, there doesn't seem a problem. Regards Chris
  16. Hi all, For those who have been following this thread, I can report Zoho is brilliant for the money. Getting so much done so easily is great. Ask away if you have any questions. Best regards Chris
  17. Hi Bradley, Very useful, but I don't think it will work if you have a lot of customers and suppliers. As mentioned above we have over 15,000 and currently at 30K+ Notes in Evernote. Regards Chris
  18. Hi again, The problem is when you have 'lost' data. This will be lost in the Evernote servers as well. The way I back up using the whole database, allows you to restore any Note or Notebook. You restore onto a computer that is not online and retrieve your data. You can then import back into an online computer. Simples! Got to say, it is rare and normally I would rely on the Evernote servers. But if you don't keep on top of your data, you only have yourself to blame. Regards Chris
  19. Hi, Everything is restored the way I do it. Regards Chris
  20. Hi, Have done this many times, so not sure what you mean? It is a very easy way of getting all your data back in the correct order and exactly how you want it on your computer. Regards Chris
  21. Hmm, interesting idea, not one I would want to use, but understand how it could be very useful. Regards Chris
  22. Hi Ricky, The other way of backing up is to export you complete Evernote folder. In Windows go Tools, Options, select the General tab and click on Open Database folder. From the address bar at the top, select the name of the folder before Evernote. You will now see a list of folders, among which will be Evernote. Copy this to an external device. It will then be your complete database including Notebooks, tags etc. Best regards Chris
  23. It is important to understand the 250 limit on Notebooks and plan accordingly. The answer as stated is with Tags. This is really just another way of putting different Notes in different boxes, or drawers. Instead of Notebooks, they are in Tags. I would also suggest that when something is completed you move it to an Archive Notebook. This keeps is out of your way and releases some of those Notebooks that you probably don't need. I have 30K Notes and manage with a number of strategically named and organised Notebooks. Regards Chris
  24. I do exactly the same as Gaz and have lists as many as 30+ people. Makes life much easier. Regards Chris
  25. Hi bobebo67, Thanks for coming back. I have just checked on my MacBookPro and like you I cannot see the title when I go to pdf preview. There is obviously something different with my iMac. I am away from home for the week, so cannot check why this is. However, it may be because I have a pdf writer on the iMac, or the fact that the MBP is an older one with an older OS. Hopefully Evernote will solve the problem soon. Regards Chris
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