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  1. To get around the ENML/plaintext incompatibility, what about being able to insert plaintext objects into a note? Everything in the object could be true plaintext and the rest of the note could be status quo. Does this sound feasible? When I write code, I use TextWrangler, but I like to keep a record of the CLI calls I make while running scripts so I have a record of exactly what was done when and am able to link to the results. I used to try to keep these records in Evernote, but the formatting is so abysmal (and I got tired of paste and undo being entirely unpredictable) that I've had to keep these records elsewhere and my organizational capacity is decreasing steadily. If anyone has any suggested workarounds that would maintain proper formatting and improve organization, I'd love to hear them.
  2. Yeah, I've resorted to using TextWrangler as well. The formatting issues are non-existent, but now I'm completely disorganized!
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