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  1. Clipper isn't working on this page: http://www.gomonews.com/top-10-internet-marketing-trends-of-2012/ Safari 7.0.1 OS 10.9.1 Just downloaded the latest clipper using the dropbox link.
  2. JMichael I can log into the web client, the iphone app and iPad app. I don't get the option to login on the Mac client. It freezes before I get that option.
  3. Thanks Metrodon - I have deleted the app and all asociated files. I've deleted them all and the app and reinstalled several times.
  4. Evernote freezes on launch. I get the login screen and an "All Notebooks" window, but then the spinning beachball. I've followed instructions by support and removed the app completely (using AppTrap). I then reinstalled, but I have the same problem. I've tried this a few times with the same results. The odd thing is that when I start Evernote, I see a progress bar in the activity window that says "Syncing with Evernote. Need password... (see attached). It freezes up shortly after that. It seems odd that the program would ask for a password if I've uninstalled everything. I changed my password a short while ago. Could that be ***** things up somehow? I thought perhaps someone here might have had a similar problem. I've searched the forums but have found anything helpful. Really like the app on my iphone and ipad, but would like the full functionality on the Mac! Thanks, Chris
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