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  1. Aha! Good catch. And since I nearly always open the note I want directly from the widget, it happens to me pretty much every time. Still hate the behavior, but it makes more sense now.
  2. Huh! When you save a note in Edit mode, what does it do? I'm running EN 3.4.2 in Android 2.3.4 on an HTC Sensation, if any of that is likely to matter.
  3. HATE this behavior. When I save a note, I want to go back to viewing the note, or at the very most, to the note-list view--I certainly don't want to exit the app. Is it just me?
  4. I can't paste into EverNote from other apps--I can copy from the web and paste into docs, but when I long-press in edit mode in EverNote, nothing happens. I can copy and paste within EverNote fine, but not from other sources. Seriously limits the usefulness of the app!! Am I missing something?
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