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  1. I use Linux and i'm a premium member. I know i pay for the cloud service and that is fine, EN is great with or without a native Linux client. I also would love to see a native EN client for Linux, but the web client is ok for me. The only thing that is missing is a way to access the notes offline. Maybe a extension for google chrome or firefox? Sure, i could use VirtualBox to have the Windows client running, but that means: i need a licensed copy of Windows it cost way more system resources as an native client or a extension Wine? Only if EN would build a client with integrated Wine, like Teamviewer does. Setup a whole Wine environment just for taking notes is no option for me. If someone has a good hint how to store notes offline on Linux, don't hesitate to tell us/me. I'll take a look at Nix-/Nevernote. Last time i do, i wasn't that happy with it, the UI is horrible.
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