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  1. I started with Evernote and TSW in January of this year and like it very much for GTD. Around June of this year I stumbled on the private beta of Zendone and I am now totally hooked. Zendone is still in beta but it is very functional. You can request and invitation and they will set up an account for you. Basically, I forward all my emails to my default notebook in Evernote. That default notebook is tied to my "Zendone" account. In Zendone my Inbox shows everything that is in my Evernote default notebook. From Zendone I can make an item an "action" with due dates, etc. If it is not an action I send it back to Evernote for record keeping. It never really leaves Evernote, Zendone just uses some additional tags. Once an "action" is completed it leaves Zendone and remains only in Evernote. You can also create actions directly in Zendone. For me, most of my "actions" come from emails. Eventually it is my understanding that Zendone offer a premium account with a monthly fee, but right now it is free since it is still in beta. I would recommend that you go over to their website, www.zendone.com and check it out. Stephen
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