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  1. Thanks Blaster. I'll have to look into that. Because I have swiftkey installed that is the keyboard that pops up. It has a mike but that produces an audio clip, not text like the "ANY.do" app does. I am very new at this and maybe there is a setting I need to discover to make the keyboard transcribe what I dictate into text. I'm using an Android phone and though it has a slider keyboard it is still so much easier to dictate on it than type on it. ANY.do does a great job of that but evernote has so much more capability. That is why I am asking. At present I am leaning towards using ANY.do as my primary task app because of this capability. I have no problem paying for an app if it will do what I need.
  2. Why not? If you've had to post it 3 times there obviously is a demand for it.
  3. Some other apps (like ANY.do) will convert what you dictate into text. But when I tried to dictate into Evernote it saves the dictation as an audio file. That is not what I want. Can I dictate into Evernote and have Evernote enter it in the task as text? How?
  4. Is it possible to have a direct sync method between the PC and Android phone without going through the web? Using either a USB cable or a home wlan? Thanks.
  5. I know how to create a shortcut for Evernote on the home screen. But, is it possible to create a shortcut to a specific notebook? How? Thanks.
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