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  1. scratch that - just found where to change the dates - click on the "i" in the notes view and can edit both dates
  2. just tried to edit the created date or the update date in Beta 3, and can't update it (Mac version)...did this just change/ Definitely, will use the due date in the title
  3. Reaver that is really helpful and a great idea - didn't realize you can change the created date. thank you. I also, found this - so adds some hope for future functionality - http://www.macstories.net/news/evernote-working-on-todo-list-app-following-egretlist-acquisition/
  4. Evernote is great, and at first I was thinking about the need to integrate with a GTD system like Things, but the more I use Evernote the less I think this integration is needed. Instead, I am hoping there is an easy way to add a due date to a note (preferably with an Alarm)...that plus a new view with see notes by due date and you'd have a lot of added functionality. Thanks.
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