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  1. I am very disappointed about this move as I was a happy casual user of EN. Even paid for 1 or 2 years according to the "old" scheme. The current pricing scheme did not meet my requirements. But with this EN is taking it too far.
  2. Hi, thanks for looking into this! I can confirm that the the missing email are coming in now. The delay for bigger email is up to 10 hours. Smaller emails went through smoothly even during the day. Maybe there is a possibility to set up an alert if this happens again. Or show a KPI indicating the size of the backlog. Gruß Johannes
  3. just a few maybe 10 or so for testing purposes after I found out that one e.mail was lost. Still not sure whether it is an EN issue or something else....
  4. Hi, I have the same issue. Today sporadic emails sent to my EN account are lost. Some geht through. Some do not. Cannot reproduce yet. Is there any filtering, analysis, spam check or anything else going on?
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