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  1. @DTLow, I really don't understand your constant defending of Evernote, and suggesting that if any of us want to see certain improvements or added features, rather than discuss them here and maybe help inform the future direction of Evernote, we should "switch to a different product". I'm beginning to be convinced you are an Evernote employee. It seems to me that Evernote satisfies all of your needs. That's great and wonderful for you, but please quit trying to shutdown discussions we want to have regarding areas some of us think Evernote could be improved. I don't think you miss a single post where someone says they would like to see improvements to encryption, and you either say that Evernote satisfies you, or Evernote will never improve their encryption, or we should switch to an alternative product. Rather than constantly telling us to "except" (sic) Evernote as is, tell us why you think Evernote should not implement the changes we would like to see, but simply saying that Evernote satisfies you and therefore we should stop asking them to make any changes boggles my mind.
  2. Yes. That's why I said in the part of my post that you chopped out: "Maybe this disaster will be the tipping point for them to start doing things..." And for you to suggest that Evernote deciding NOT to do something that was going to piss off their customers is somehow the same as what I said, which was to "start doing things users have been asking for" tells me you just want to argue. They're not remotely the same thing.
  3. Maybe this disaster will be the tipping point for them to start doing things users have been asking for instead of what they think users should be asking for. They seem to be out of touch with their users. Here's to hoping that they actually start to listen.
  4. Right. I know it has stopped. But they obviously had some AI machine learning stuff planned, and maybe in the future, if it was opt in, and if there were certain safeguards and procedures in place, and with better communication, it might be something they could do.
  5. I'd be interested for you to climb off your high horse and tell me why you think my post doesn't deserve their attention. Encryption has been a long sought-after feature that would be welcomed by many, and I am proposing a compromise for having my data read in exchange for improved features. Rather than insult me, why not stop shilling and have a meaningful discussion.
  6. In exchange for them using my data to "improve my experience", I might be fine with that. And it's a bit alarmist to call adding some metadata *modifying*.
  7. Evernote, if you really want to earn my trust, and continue to receive my business, I need you to do one of the following: either implement client side encryption of notes and attachments and notebooks, including on the web client (or create a Linux client -- not likely) or become fully transparent with what you do with my data as follows: every time one of my notes is viewed by one of your employees: log the date, time, and employees full name into the note's Note Info metadata log the above info for any attached files that are also viewed add a tag to the note, such as "#SKYNET", to make it easy for me to see which notes have been viewed by you send me an email to summarize the above actions that have occurred allow me to add a tag, such as "#KEEPOUT" for sensitive data that you must not ever see, such as trade secrets, intellectual property, legal documents under seal, etc.
  8. Interesting. But I wonder if the damage has been done. You people sure are quick to forgive and forget. What makes you think they won't pull this or something else in the future? For me, the momentum away from Evernote has begun... I'm looking at alternatives and may not come back. Too much of a bad taste in my mouth. Seriously, how did Evernote think we would react to their proposed invasion of privacy.
  9. If you are so worried about price, host your own server for free.
  10. I believe Turtl to be the best answer: Encrypted Notebooks EN -- no Open Source EN -- no Apps for Mac, Windows and Linux EN -- no Can Host server on own machine EN -- no
  11. You say: "Everything we do at Evernote follows these three basic rules: Your Data is Yours Your Data is Protected Your Data is Portable" Since OUR data is OURS, how about letting US dictate terms under which YOU can look at it. I agree with others about the vagueness of these future improvements you have alluded to, but let's give you the benefit of the doubt that we will actually want them. Since you can't be specific about how many employees will look at our data, and how much of our data will be looked at, and how often because your new terms were crafted by skilled lawyers that leaves you all kinds of wiggle room, naturally we are very uncomfortable with any kind of carte blanche access. If you want us to believe you still have our best interests at heart, and you want us to trust you when you say that a very small number of employees will be looking at random samples of our data, why not be fully transparent? WE would be willing to grant YOU access to look at our data under the following conditions: Every time one of our notes is viewed by one of your employees: the date, time, and employees full name is permanently logged in the note's Note Info metadata any attached files that are viewed are also logged as above a tag is added to the note, such as "#SKYNET", to make it easy for us to view all notes which have been viewed by you an email is sent to us to summarize the above actions that have occurred We can then determine for ourselves individually whether sharing our private data with you is worth the "improved experience".
  12. Great detective work. I hope this helps them nail this one down. I read in the release notes that this bug was fixed... guess not.
  13. Thanks for the suggestion, but as I said, I was hoping for a solution that didn't require the other person to use Evernote. Sharing a URL is what I am after, but it seems it isn't a complete solution yet.
  14. I have a note that contains a bunch of note links. I want to be able to share this note with someone who doesn't use Evernote, and I want them to be able to click the links and access the linked notes. Is this possible? I imagine this isn't possible yet. It would seem like it should be easy to implement, though. One work-around I thought of would be to add the shared URL for that linked note next to every link. That would work, but for a note with a lot of note links, that is a major pain. Could there be a way to automate this? Can anyone else think of another work-around?
  15. I agree. The current implementation leaves a lot to be desired. Highlighting the search term in yellow might get confusing with text the user may have highlighted in yellow. Maybe highlighting in an "aqua" type button would do the trick. How about an Evernote-green aqua button, or maybe a handwritten-looking loopy circle thing?
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