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  1. I know this references Skitch, but it's really an Evernote question. I just imported an image of a paper document I scanned with my phone into Evernote and I wanted to annotate it for reference. I right-clicked on it and opened it up in Skitch - I wanted to edit that note "in place" with Skitch in much the same way that one can crop an image in a note with an image editor like Preview (this in on a Mac). Skitch cheerfully opened it, I annotated, and then hit save. Rather than saving the changes to the current document, it saved a new (edited) copy to the Skitch folder in Evernote and left the original as-is. Now I had two notes when I only needed one. Shuffling them around wasn't the end of the world clearly, but is there a way to simply open a note and edit it "where it sits" with Skitch instead? I would love to see an "edit with Skitch" toolbar option in the note editor for cases like this. Cheers.
  2. This is similarly not working for me either. I "lost" an email last night and also this morning. Came here and found this thread.
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