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  1. My largest usage of Evernote is to maintain checklists. I'm considering here that a "checklist" is not quite the same as a "to-do list" in that nothing has a schedule or reminder associated with it -- just checkboxes and item descriptions. I'm of course using the checkbox functionality of Evernote, but I find it to have limitations for what I'm trying to accomplish. There are different types of checklists that I have, including the following: Long-term to-do lists, such as what I'd like to accomplish over the winter season.Shorter-term one-use lists such as gift lists or shopping lists.Long-term accumulating lists, such as my list of books I want to read, which has a tendency to grow at a quicker rate than I can check them off! It also serves as a reminder of what I have read in the past.Packing lists. I have a number of these and depend on them a lot for vacations and various types of events and trips. They obviously have to be reusable.Procedure lists. Since my memory isn't what it used to be, these are useful for making sure that I don't forget to do something when doing various household maintenance chores, auto maintenance, etc. Again, checkable but reusable.I was glad to see that Evernote added a function to "Uncheck All," which is very useful for my packing lists and procedures (it's available in the Windows client but not in the Android app). However, there are a few other features that I would like to see in Evernote: Sorting options. Alphabetic sorting would be useful in lists that aren't sequential, such as packing lists and my book list.Hide all checked items. Useful in a large list to see what has not been checked off yet.Delete all checked items. In a one-time list, useful to clear out any checked-off items.I realize that there are some checklist apps available for my Android devices, but I really need something that will sync across platforms, and especially one that has a Windows client. So far, Evernote is all that will do this adequately.
  2. I spoke too soon in saying that this version fixed the problem I was seeing. In fact, it fixed the previous problem but now it's exhibiting a different one. To reiterate: I'm the developer of an Android app that has an option of exporting a text note to Evernote. Using an Intent with no added options, the note appears correctly for viewing/editing in Evernote 3.5 and is saved correctly. But if I use the QUICK_SEND option to save the note without opening it in Evernote, it is saved, but it seems to strip out my embedded line breaks ('\n' characters) so that the note appears as one long string of text without the breaks that I use to format it. So again I have to disable the quick-save option for my users until this is fixed.
  3. This fixes the problem I reported where my app sends a note via an Intent to Evernote with the QUICK_SEND option, but only the title was being saved -- not the text. It works correctly now. The only quirk that I noticed is that when I do this, a blank screen "slides over" my app as though the Evernote app is about to display its screen, but then it disappears in a second or so and I see the Toast message indicating the the note has been uploaded, and my app is again in the foreground. Let me know when 3.5 is released so that I can update my app (I took out the QUICK_SEND option in the currently released version).
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