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  1. Thanks all for the feedback. I guess everyone has their own opinions on what is best. I don't think its a win/win type of scenario. There are pro/cons for each choice. I'm going to take all the feedback and think about whats best for me. I'm leaning towards almost storing everything there. The attraction of universal search is just to appealing for me.
  2. Thanks that's definitely worth a look. I'll have to research how pdf's are encrypted (AES hopefully). That would solve issue #1 but of course not issue #2
  3. Nope because i don't want something stored on just one computer.
  4. Just curious how many put absolutely everything in evernote. Anymore i digitize absolutely everything. I don't keep paper anymore. If its something i want to keep and its paper i run it through my scansnap (which does an excellent job). We have all ran into issue where we are looking for something and asking ourselves where we put it. Is it in my file server. Is it in one of my (many email accounts). Did i store it in one of my online cloud storage accounts (onedrive, google drive, dropbox, ect) and i'm sure the list goes on. Currently i store most things in evernote but not absolutely everything. I use the gmail system of archiving most things and then the search functionality for my email. This works well when i know its in my email but of course causes problems when i don't know where i stored whatever i'm looking for. It would be so nice to have everything in evernote so i could search in one area. I've been hesitant to store two things in evernote: 1. Sensitive info like tax returns for example. I would like to trust evernote but with the # of breaches that happen per year its kind of hard. Not only that how many large companies don't have some nosey employees that will go snooping around even when they aren't supposed to? If information like this got loose it wouldn't be a good situation. 2. Email - Most of my email isn't that sensitive in nature but its still something i don't want to ever loose. Especially considering the recent issues with struggles with evernote. I still love the product and company. Thats why i'm a subscriber. I could probably make due with the free membership but i want to support evernote because i never want it to go away. Looks like they are having more competition too with Microsoft announcing they have an evernote importer for onenote. Granted i have doubts whether they will ever be able to complete. Evernote's search, web clipper, and ability to handle large notebooks are just years ahead of Microsoft at this point. With that being said if they did go belly up loosing all my important emails is unthinkable for me. Sure i could still archive my emails instead of deleting them but that seems like a kluge. I want one area where i store this important information and thats it. Having one searchable online repository though is so desirable. Any thoughts?
  5. Yes i realize it's not an evernote issue directly i was just assuming the knowledgable people on this forum have thought about the same type of issues and had some helpful info to share. Anyways i appreciate the details. I though resolution affected print size
  6. Hello everyone. I use my scansnap to scan lots of things into evernote that i will later want to print at some point. Receipts would be a perfect example. I want to digitize everything so i through out my original receipt & scan it into evernote. When i then go try to print my receipt later the print isn't 1:1. I'm assuming this is because the original resolution i scanned the receipts/documents in at. Do you have tips/tricks on determining what resolution to scan documents in at that will likely be printed later and when printed you want a 1:1 sized print.
  7. Sorry i know it was ton of questions. Just want to be prepared when i get the scanner.
  8. Hello everyone, I've made up my mind i'm going to be getting a scansnap ix500 scanner and have quite a few general questions on scanning. I currently have a brother scanner that goes all the way up to 1200DPI and i'm always confused on what to scan at. First of all my brother offers the array or scan types: 24bit color 256 color True Gray Gray (error diffusion) Black & White While of course some things scream scan in color the array or black/gray is confusing when you would want to use each. I don't know if the ix500 will have such an array of choices though. I might still occasionally use the brother scanner (because its also my printer) but i will use the ix500 most of the time I'm also always confused about what resolution to scan at. Does the resolution you scan at affect the size of item when you print? Generally when i print i want a 1/1 reproduction of the original item scanned. I don't want to blow it up or shrink it down. So when i speak of size i'm not talking item weight (in terms of file size) but print size. Any recommendations on choosing what resolution to scan @? Another question is there any need to make searchable pdfs because won't evernote essentially do that when they get uploaded? When they talk OCR capabilities the generally always talking about making the pdfs searchable or is that referring to something else? I was suprised at the lack of TWAIN support. Is that really that important anymore? For those who have an ix500 has Fujitsu been good on updating their drivers for new version of Mac/Windows? Brother has been awesome in terms of drivers support. I'd hate to have to update the scanner in a few years because the refuse to keep drivers updated. One last question. Is it always advisable to scan most stuff in PDFs (excluding items that are really photos of course)? Thanks everyone....
  9. Hi everyone, ive been using evernote for quite awhile now. One of the things i've always wanted is to be able to get to be able to handwrite notes into evernote. I tried a stylus with my ipad (Wacom Bamboo Stylus). To be honest with you it was to clunky and i wasn't happy with the experience. I tried to use it in meetings at work and i was just want to slow trying to write accurate notes with it (though i did try). To be honest with you i almost bought a surface pro 2 just for the digitizer but at the end spending that much money just so i could have something i could write with seemed like a waist of money. I found an interesting system with livescribe 3 & IOS. Seemed like an awesome system though kind of pricey and the reviews on amazon are just so so. Of course there is always either scanning your handwritten notes or using your camera phone which just seems like a hassle. Any feedback or advice would be appreciated.
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