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  1. Another long-time user here. I've had this problem for a while, and a Google search lead me to this page. Glad I'm not the only one. It's incredibly frustrating when I take the time to spell someone's name right, only to have autocorrect fix it to something else. Maybe it is a Mac feature, but it doesn't seem to happen in any other app. I just tried unchecking "Correct Spelling Automatically." After a quick test, that seems to work in notes. It doesn't seem to work in the web clipper.
  2. Our law firm is using Evernote for attorneys to take notes. It's easy to get information into Evernote, but the problem we're having with the workflow is organizing all those notes. I'd like to see if anyone else has any ideas to improve our workflow here. Current Workflow Currently, we're using Zapier to create a new note in a notebook called Clients with a tag that corresponds to that client's project across apps. Currently, that tag looks like ClientName-###-Description. When I create new Notes, I'm defaulting them into my local, Inbox notebook. My workflow is to move the note from the Inbox notebook to the Clients notebook, and then add the tag. What I don't like is the step of having to move a note and then go into the new notebook and tag it there. It's a problem of business tags not being available in a personal notebook. It sounds minor, but it's tedious. Alternate Workflow Something that may make it easier is to eliminate the tagging, and have individual notebooks for individual client matters. I'm not sure if this will be effective, because we currently have about 2-3 new projects a month, some which use notes, others which don't. I'm experimenting with using Zapier to create a new notebook when we open a new project, but the problem is that these notebooks aren't automatically published. This workflow is useless if I have to manually go into the Evernote Admin section every time we open a new project simply to share an Evernote notebook. Is there a way I can automatically push all these notebooks to all users in the business account? Anyone have any insights here? We love the front end of getting data into Evernote, it's on the back end once it's actually there that we're having issues.
  3. I just upgraded from Premium to business, but I'm not sure that the feature I'm looking for is supported. I used to work solo, and I created an AppleScript that creates a tag for each client project. Now that I'm on a team, my hope is that I can share these tags across my entire business, without the need to create a note with the tag. How can I automatically create tags available to anyone on the business account?
  4. I was having issues (save button does nothing) on Windows 7 with Chrome 18.0.1025.162 m, and this update has fixed the issue. Thanks!
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