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  1. Thanks jbenson2, this will definitely make my life simpler :-) Is this a new search term? It should be documented here, would help a lot of people!
  2. I'm not sure how often do you share and unshare (does this word exist?) a note on Evernote, but I do that all the time. I usually share and unshare notes for a short period of time, just to show someone a note. The problem is I need to remember I've shared a note to unshare it later. It would be interesting to have a new term on Evernote's Search Grammar that could help us to find shared notes. Something like this: shared : [ true | false ] If Evernote implemented this, would you use it? Thanks,
  3. After some tests I've figured out the problem. It's related to the linked (a.k.a. shared) notebooks. I'm not sure about the root cause but I guess it's related to the timestamp used on shared notes. I'm GMT-6, the notebook owner is GMT-3 and a friend the notebook is shared with is GMT-2. Thanks,
  4. Searching in this forum I found a lot of people discussing about the "Your changes haven't been synced" window displayed on the Windows version. The fact is that I'm facing a similar issue on the Mac version. Even after hit the Sync button Evernote insists that some changes haven't been synced and shows such alert window. Is this a known issue? Any ideia on why Evernote shows that message even after I manually hit the Sync button? Thanks,
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