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  1. Premium member since Jan 22, 2010 iPhone 4S. IOS 6.0.1. Evernote Version 5.0.0. MacBookAir. OSX 10.8.2. Evernote 5.0.0. Same problem, but this solved it in my case: I had about 20 photo notes on the iPhone Evernote that were trying to sync. Synchs one or two, then the “Sync failed; could not make HTTP request” message showed up. Closed Evernote on iPhone (double click home button, click red x on Evernote icon), then reopened. Sometimes synchs one or two notes, then the error message again. I then did this and it solved the problem: I emptied the contents of the trash folder on iPhone Evernote (it had two un-synched notes in it with the little blue arrows). I closed Evernote on the iPhone. Reopened Evernote on iPhone. Clicked on the oldest un-synched note with the blue arrow. It started synching, and synched all notes. Not sure if this was just luck…
  2. I had quite a lot of sub-tags like “starter”, “soup”, “lamb” etc., under a top-level tag called “recipe”. I wanted to move all these sub-tags to the top level. This is what I did on a Mac: Create a new sub-tag under “recipe” called “recipe2”. Make sure “All Notebooks” are selected under Notebooks. Select “recipe” under Tags Select all notes with “recipe” as a tag (click on any note shown, then Cmd-A) Drag and drop all selected notes onto new sub-tag “recipe2” Right-click on top-level tag “recipe”. Chose “Delete tag”. On the pop-up menu, select “Delete only ‘recipe’ and keep all sub-tasks”, then click “Delete” button Voila! All sub-tasks are moved to top-level. Rename tag “recipe2” to “recipe” by right-clicking on it. Hope this helps
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