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  1. The search engine is really awesome!

    But for the expense of these features:

    1) Go to selected note is gone (Command+L)

    2) Back and Forward buttons

    3) Everytime you clear the search, you are back with the same page showing all your notes from all your notebooks.

    Before, you are back with the exact note you have searched earlier together with its appropiate notebook.

    Workaround: Switch to Card view

    4) Advanced Search Operators ex. combining multiple tags like:

    notebook:medical -tag:"%IM" -tag:"ObGyn" -tag:research

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  2. In contrast, i find the search highlighting productive since most of my notes are actual book pages. i guessed you removed that feature in the iOS. Please dont remove it in the future version of OSX or please make it an option. And if you could bring it back to iOS then it would be better, or make it an option at least.

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  3. Yeah, I'm also a health care professional. and this is also the way how I use evernote! :) I should have discovered evernote 5 years ago! :c

    evernote99, may I ask a few questions about your Evernote iPad experience?

    1. about how many PDFs you have in Evernote?
    2. what is the average size?
    3. How do you store the Notes with PDFs on your iPad:

      1. All Notes/PDFs in offline Notebooks
      2. Selected Notes/PDFs in offline Notebooks
      3. None in offline notebooks -- read online as needed


        Im not anymore using pdf for my books and references. I convert most of my medical stuff to image files.
        I mean PDFs for the desktop version is somewhat better because you can view
    instantly the page containing the searched item and I can switch immediately to another pdf if I dont find what im looking for. Unlike in the ipad, i need to click first on the "pdf icon" to show it.
    I tried experimenting searching on one pdf(200pages) versus images(same pdf file save as image in adobe acrobat= 200 jpgs) (both pdf and images OCRd by evernote) to find out which is faster. and i noticed it is faster on images. Perhaps evernote processes more resources with a pdf than a simple image file.
    for example, i search for the term "diabetes". With pdf, I need to use command+g to go to the next word. but with images, evernote will bring me all the pages which contain the term diabetes.
    to answer your question:
    i used to have 25-30 pdfs in evernote (plus 12,000+ more notes)
    averaging 15-70mb in size
    all are offline.

  4. with a single search i can not only find everything in my own notes about a research topic, but everything that has ever been written. this is an incredibly powerful feature that evernote basically makes available in the palm of my hand wherever i am. to give a more concrete example: i am in the process of uploading every note and handout from every class that i have ever taken or taught so that i can refer to anything i want from my entire academic career. amazing. this is the kind of stuff i used to read about in science fiction, and now i am living the dream :)

    i don't think my case is unique. a health care professional looking for information on drug x can browse through the pdfs of medical journals and books they have stored in evernote to instantly find what they need to see.

    Yeah, I'm also a health care professional. and this is also the way how I use evernote!:) I should have discovered evernote 5 years ago! :c

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  5. if, for example, you copy/paste a search query into the search field in evernote it returns results almost immediately. the problem i was pointing out (the same one google has) is that because evernote has an "instant search", starting at or around the third letter, it performs multiple searches that are totally unnecessary as you are typing in the search query. a search for a word like insane, therefore, has at least two searches: one for "ins" (of which there are going to be thousands and thousands of hits) and one for insane (of which there may only be one). both searches are fast (regardless of whether you have pdfs or just text), but the problem is that you have to perform two searches along the way.

    Yeah I hope they will release a feature to toggle the instant search because the only way Im coping with the staggering search speed , is to type my search first into textedit and when copy paste it into the evernote search. :S

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  6. i just upgraded to premium 12hours ago.

    Few hours ago, i uploaded notes from my PC. and my IPad2 sync with that notes.

    Right now, when I used my Mac SL 10.6.7 and my Itouch 4G, I can't sync both my devices to EN server.

    My Mac was stuck on "Downloading 3.7mB" progress bar and my bandwidth meter shows no download rate.

    The same is truenfor my itouch, It just keeping on Contacting EN Server.

    I tried uploading a noteusing my iPad and the sync was success! I tried reinstalling EN on my mac but there was no improvement.

  7. And I thought Evernote is better in Mac than in PCs.

    just different. i'd like to reiterate a request (made many times) that evernote provide a breakdown of the features available for each client.

    Now I wonder, what advantages does the EN Mac has over the counterpart?

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