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  1. I completely agree this is a retrograde step! I have up-voted the feature request.
  2. The "created date" was previously available in the header of a note and therefore easy to change or update. At the moment in v6 I believe the only option to find it is by adding the "info" shortcut to the taskbar of a note and then selecting editing the "created date" from there. Am I missing the option to have the "created date" more easily accessible? Putting something several clicks away from where it previously was is a PAIN! Evernote at the moment appears to have an obsesssion with having a "clean" interface. I am all for this, however, not if this design obsession starts to undermine the ability to productively use the platform. By all means allow people to toggle off all of the clutter they want, but equally, allow the rest of us to keep that clutter toggled on if they want. To my mind a design dogma is undermining the ability of users to be able to customise the platform in their own way and we are in danger of Evernode starting to mandate how their platform is used rather than allow the user to make those decisions. Put simply, is it too much to ask that if you are in a note then shouldn't you be able to view all of the parameters or attributes of that note so that the user can quickly configure or alter those parameters at one time rather than have to navigate a series of sub-menus?
  3. Thanks for the response, gazumped. I know Evernote cannot accommodate the foibles of how everyone wants to use their platform, however, in an ideal world you would at least expect consistent functionality across the OSs. I'll just keep waiting...
  4. Hi gazumped Your post has made my day! Not understanding the search vocabulary properly meant I was editing my search daily with specific dates rather than your far more elegant solution. I have edited my saved searches on the desktop and now they are working seamlessly everywhere. Thanks again! (It still means, however, what could be a very useful piece of functionality, the editing of saved searches, is only available on the desktop rather than iOS...)
  5. Hi The "created" date for my note is something I need to frequently edit in order to facilitate my workflow. This is easy in Windows, however, I can see no way to do this in iOS. Hopefully this is just something I am overlooking? Thanks
  6. Hi I use a saved search in Evernote in order to pull a list of notes created on a specific date (my workaround for a "to-do" list). I can simply edit the saved search each day in Windows in order to pull my to-do list, however, I can see no way to edit a saved search in iOS. Am I missing something, or is that functionality just not there? Thanks
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