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  1. Have a look here, I happened upon this when looking for information on hierarchical tagging and saw a reference to Filterize which is a 3rd party service which will tag Evernote notes with the parent tags for notes with child tags. Also seems to be free if you’re just using this feature. Might be of interest.
  2. That's already there. (That's what tags are for!) Simply add a tag "archive" & add -tag:archive to your search list. Agreed (to an extent). Using a tag IMO makes the day-to-day usage less slick. I'd need to double-up all my saved searches to have separate include & exclude archive versions (unless I'm missing something). I still think a specific Archive mark would be very useful. I see it working just like deleted notes. Deleted notes are still there but are not included in any searches.
  3. I think it would be very useful to mark a given notebook (or notebooks) as archived and then have the option to choose whether to include the archived notebooks in searches & tag selection (by having a simple include/exclude archives switch).
  4. Just wanted to add my voice to this issue.... It's a real pain, struggling with inconsistent formats/fonts. This is what I'd like: A proper Paste Without Formatting option (which consistently removes all formatting). And this needs to be available in the right-click menu not just in the application menu or via a 3-key sequence please A 'Format Painter' function like the one available in MS Word so it's easy to copy the format of an existing part of a note over the recently pasted txt (which invariably has a different format) I seem to be spending too much of my time messing with notes to ge
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