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  1. oh is it? i thought they have said that 2 years ago?
  2. it looks good to be honest. perhaps you could reveal what is the name of the font for the note titles
  3. actually why dont they do that? evernote is already a repositary so why cant they add such functionality. in short i feel they can extend their api with the following functionality: Task Description, Notes, Due Date, Status Repeating or Recurring Tasks Sub-tasking or parent child concept (preferably unlimited) Tagging Extensible API
  4. i would not comment on whether it is the best but more on how well the rich text edit box on android and ios is done! none of the rest is able to do that. you are able to form really meaningful notes with them
  5. the best case scenario is for Evernote to create a sepearte standalone for this and then link it like their other app to Evernote. This is so that the original folks can choose not to use it. But for the advance to do guys they have this powerful use-case link their task to a detail notes on milestones, or important reference.
  6. the thing is, one reason evernote,dropbox and toodledo can grow because they make themselves a platform. the developers make them indispensible. there is a large community that uses task management but there have always been one problem i feel. a lack of standards. like the icalendar standards for todo. you create a structure for the task management. open up the api. you will see this grow.
  7. my take is that it will not be what we wish for. or majority of the GTD folks expect. lets just say that they have always done things differently and we do expect the same. but why do they think we need a dedicated to do list app? for one thing, notes and tasks goes hand in hand and Evernote is ubiquitous and if they can make ur task list ultra portable then its a very good thing. as a planner, i want various list of milestones that i can view them in different ways. i can see a very similar implementatin like remember the milk. but my wish is really unlimited subtasking that can be tagged and repeating.
  8. The most pleasant news that i read sometime ago was that Phil Libin telling business insider that To Do which have been popular is coming. Having said that I wonder how people envision their Do functionality will be shaped Evernote, the popular note-taking app that wants to be "your external brain" has recently been adding more apps to its roster: it first bought the popular screenshot/sketching app Skitch, and yesterday released two new apps, Evernote Hello (a contacts manager) and Evernote Food which is, well, like Evernote for food. What's coming next? We asked Evernote CEO Phil Libin point-blank if to-do lists, which are a popular use for Evernote, are coming. "To-do lists are coming," he said after taking a deep breath. While Libin gave us the traditional line Silicon Valley startups always trot out about not wanting to "kill" anyone or "seeing the world in a zero-sum way", we're sure this will give cold sweats to the legions of to-do apps like Remember The Milk, Things, OmniFocus and others. So many people already use Evernote to organize their lives that, if it's as well thought-out as Evernote's other apps, it will get many people to use it. Libin also took pains to stress that it wouldn't look and feel like traditional to-do list apps. "I don't want a to-do app, I want a DO app. I don't want a list," Libin said. Perhaps it will look like OneTask, the productivity app we use whose utter simplicity has made this writer more productive. Here's how it work To do have always been implemented differently but they can be generalize into the following funtionality ​A detailed task with a due date, possibly a start date with a note A status field Reminder functionality Repeating and scheduling of task Generic Tagging functionality Projects Subtasking to 2 or more levels Cloud syncing every where I am thinking Evernote will have other ideas and it will probably touch on 1,2,3,4,8 thats all. what do you guys think
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