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  1. Actually, one of my hobbies is Genealogy. I use a program called Legacy which identifies my "1st Cousin twice removed" and my "2nd Cousin once removed". Always get those mixed up. Yes, that's exactly what I'm doing - genealogy research
  2. Tags and well-structured Titles can make the Evernote search engine do magic. The subject of tags could fill a book (several books). There are many ways to use Evernote. Other users will rely more heavily on just the Evernote search engine. So don't think that what I am about to mention is the best method, but since you asked.... My notes will frequently have more than a single tag. I use a Parent / Child tag structure. I do not go further than 2 levels. The child level tags usually have a 3 character prefix. Example: Company Com-Amazon Com-Charter Com-TargetTo find all the children, I would search for tag:Com-* There are many possibilities. Parent / Child prefix Family / Fam- Government / Gov- Insurance / Ins- Medical / Med- Personal / Per- Taxes / Tax-By the way, I find the BitQwik program helpful in seeing the big picture of my tags. It has a feature called Tag Hunter. The program also reduces / eliminates the need to remember the Evernote search grammar rules. Forgive me if I'm being dense, but would you explain this method a bit further? I'm familiar with the parent/child format. But I'm not understanding the benefit or reason behind the 3 letter prefix. For example... if I create a tag for family as follows: Family (parent) Aunt Betty (child) Uncle Jack (child) Cousin James (child) Then what would be the advantage of doing it this way...?? Family (parent) Fam-Aunt Betty (child) Fam-Uncle Jack (child) Fam-Cousin James (child) Thanks! *Edit - Ok, think I understand now. BUT, I can't get the search to work correctly. Whenever I do a Search Notes by Tags - and I put in the tag "fam", or even "fam-" I get every single not that has any word with those three letters in it, such as famished or familiar, which are NOT tags! :::sigh:::
  3. Thank you everyone - I'm off to revise my notebooks & tags!
  4. Ok, so I'm confused about how tags would be any more efficient than multiple notes/notebooks. How many tags do people typically use? I stopped using tags very early on because I suspected that my tag list would quickly become too long - I could easily run up 100 tags, and scrolling through them (can they even be sorted alphabetically?) would be annoying. Here's a screenshot of my tags list; am I using them right? Any tips on how to use them more efficiently??