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  1. I'm not a premium member, but I can open my EN app on Kindle while offline and open any and all of my notes. I can also edit notes while offline and they sync once I'm back online. I can create a note offline and it'll be uploaded when I'm back online. It seems to me that off-line notes is working just fine.
  2. Hello all, Love Evernote, but I'm getting incredibly frustrated trying to use the app on my Kindle (although the same symptoms are present on my Droid phone). Any time you have a page break in a note, it drastically changes the way you need to edit it within the Android app. It becomes almost impossible to edit any part of the existing note. It's a little hard to explain, but you can test it easily by creating a note on the desktop EN application, adding a page break, and then trying to edit it from your Android app. If the note does NOT have a page break, the app works swimmingly, very well. It's easy to add styles, add numbered lists, checkboxes etc. Morever, if you want to go back and edit some portion of what was already there, its as simple as touching the screen to move the cursor, and editing what you want. This wouldnt normally be a problem for me, except I want to use this for taking notes in meetings, and i have a template i'd like to use - since the Android app has no option to copy the note to a notebook, I have to email it to Evernote email address (which automatically adds a page break at the top, rendering the note incredibly difficult to edit within the EN app). Basically, there are three possible ways that my situation would be resolved: If page breaks in a note did not affect the way you edit the note in the android app If there were a 'Copy note' option in the android app If the Evernote email address note upload functionality didnt automatically add text and a page break at the top of notes it creates. Any of those options would make EN the perfect app for my needs (and I daresay a great many other users, particularly for 1 and 2). Are there any plans for implementing #2? I can't imagine this would require more than several lines of code.
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