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  1. The THL V9 is a MTK6575 smart phone developed by China. As the Lenovo A750, they use the MTK6575 processor, the highest frequency can reach 1GHz, THL V9 is the THL V7, THL V8 's upgrade edition. http://www.androidphoneretail.com/thl-v9-43-android-23-capacitive-touch-screen-cellphone-os-mtk6575-10ghz-3g-gps-wifi-p-7666.html The THL V9 uses Android 2.3 OS, it comes with 4.3 inch multi touchscreen, dual camera, the back camera is 5MP with auto focus. WIFI, GPS, analog TV is popular configuration, THL V9 will not give up. Thanks to the MTK6575 Cortex A9 1.0GHz processor, it will support HD video, flash 10.1, 3D acceleration. In the past, using MTK processor of mobile phone in the treatment of large game performance is poor, THL V9 will be able to handle 3D game, high-definition video player.
  2. Staff, I just saw a promotion of the ZTE X850 with Android 2.1 and Wifi for U.S. $ 115.99. I was thinking about getting the Nokia C3, but I think this ZTE is a very good price ... You know this machine ? You know the ZTE? Is it reliable? Is it worth it? I await your help.
  3. Hi all, I'm looking for a cheap android phone. I use corporate sync for email. Once a week or so I use maps/navigator. I need a Dual SIM phone that unlock. That's about it. I search by google and found the Hero H9, which satisfies my demands. What do you think of this? Any resources would be appreciated!
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