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  1. Popclip extensions associated with copy and paster don't always work in Evernote windows. For example, change small letters to first capital produces a blank. Problem with the notes editor If I insert "- " before a word and this word is the first one in the new line, the word after "- " jumps to a new line instead of "- " being pasted right in front of the word. - test- test
  2. I had the same problem. You will have to completely remove Evernote form your computer. Use the app AppCleaner and even then, you have to go to your Library folder and do a spotlight search within that folder for "Evernote" and delete all the folders and files manually. Reinstall Evernote after that.
  3. Evernote 5 Mac: 1. There is no way to quickly delete a note. I would like to be able to delete a note that is open in a separate window using a keyboard shortcut or an icon. It is annoying to go to the actual notebook to delete a note. The current way of deleting notes really slows down my workflow. Scenario: I found a note via Spotlight. Read the note and decided that I want to delete it. However, I can't do this because I have to open the entire Evernote app and search through my notes to find the note in the notebook and then delete it. Very irritating. Hope this will be fixed soon. 2. Evernote 5 still has very basic keyboard shortcuts. I would like to have a keyboard shortcut to show or hide Evernote just like notational velocity. Right now I have to use CMD+H to hide and another shortcut to search in Evernote. This can be combined into one shortcut. The idea behind notational velocity is to improve one's workflow using speed and simplicity. I think that Evernote can greatly improve in this area. I would love to have CMD+, (or other combination) to be able to show Evernote (pointing to search) and use the same or different shortcut to hide Evernote.
  4. Please add the following: - Delete a note open in a separate window keyboard shortcut or an icon. It is annoying that I have to go to the actual notebook to delete a note. - Keyboard shortcut to show or hide Evernote. Right no I have to use CMD+H to hide and another shortcut to search in Evernote. This can be combined into one shortcut. Thanks.
  5. Please add a keyboard shortcut and maybe an icon to delete an individual note when it is open in a separate note window.
  6. Found a missing feature: If I want to drag and drop a number of txt files or PDF files to a specific Notebook I do this: 1. Go to Notebooks 2. Search for a notebook I want to drop the files to and try to drop the files into it. However, this does not work. If I drop files into a notebook from Notebook Search results, nothing happens. The only way to make this work is to find the notebook in the list of notebooks manually and drop the files there. Please fix this. One more thing, can you please add a keyboard shortcut to delete the note that is currently open as a separate window? I often open notes via spotlight and it is painful to go to the Evernote app just to delete this note. I see that the new beta does note even have an icon to delete a note when it is open in a separate window.
  7. Ever since I upgraded to Beta 2, spotlight does not search my Evernote notes. How can I fix this?
  8. That's interesting. Would you mind sharing what it is about the Card view, as opposed to the Snippet view, that makes it work for goals and inspirations? Places I want to go to is an example: https://skitch.com/s...s/811wp/travel1 https://skitch.com/s...s/811wu/travel2
  9. +1 on the new card view. It is really useful for goals and inspirations. Can you please add a simple drop down option to search to quickly switch between full search and just in title search?
  10. This bug occurs after opening Evernote. Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Hide Evernote notebooks. 2. Close Evernote - CMD+W 3. Click Evernote icon in the dock and observe the glitch on the left side - Evernote shows and quickly hides the Notebooks list. While we are on the topic, I would really want to have a keyboard shortcut to show and hide Evernote. Right now I use CMD+H and "CMD+." "CMD+." is set to "Search in Evernote". This is a workaround for my request, but this should be available in Evernote natively. Yes, I am coming from Notational Velocity where with one click of the keyboard shortcut I can search for my notes and then hide NV. P.S. Whatever you do, please remember to keep Evernote simple.
  11. Hi, Can you please add a keyboard shortcut to hide notebooks and show notebooks. This has been reported to Evernote many times but the bug is still there. Evernote does not remember notebook position. If I hide my notebooks and close (not quit) Evernote and open it again, there is a glitch where for a split second Evernote shows all notebooks and then hides them again. Can you please fix this.
  12. Will the formatting problem with plain text ever be fixed?
  13. Has there been any improvements made to simplify formatting function? Sometime when I paste something form the web and then choose to simplify formatting Everntoe does nothing. I have to paste in plain text because Evernote can't simplify. Also, why can't I drag my own stack to Evernote's favourite bar?
  14. This does not work properly. If I close (not quit) Evernote, when I open it again, left panel glitches and re-appears again for a second and then hides itself again. It is not hidden, instead it hides itself every time I open Evernote. If I quit Evernote, left panel appears again as usual. Steps to reproduce the problem: 1. Hide left panel. 2. Close Evernote. 3. Open Evernote and watch the left side of the screen - observe the half a second glitch. This should be fixed and further made into an option.
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