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  1. I am new to Evernote and am having a heck of a time getting my web content to appear in my notebook in an accepable format. Today I clipped a story about the War of 1812 from the Calgary Herald using Zite on my iPad. I wanted to bring into a post on my blog using the Everpress WordPress plugin on my Mac Book Pro. Before my web clipping ever made it into Everpress, I logged in my Evernote account to view the clipping. Turns out there is about two pages of weather and other news items in the same web clipping before I even get to the article I wanted to clip in the first place. Am I missing something in Evernote? I thought clippings were supposed to retain formating, etc from the original source and to be easily postable to a variety of other sources such as blogs, emails, etc The Facebook link seems to work alright but all my notebook clippings are a mishmash of headers, etc before I can find what I orginally wanted to share. I spend a lot of time editing out formating, headers, ads, banners, etc. Seems to me Evernote should be a lot easier to use than this. What am I missing? Thanks Mark
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