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  1. never posted about EN since 2008 despite being a heavy user, and now I had it on your blog, forum, on twitter, talked about it to friends on skype. in startupper language, this is a typical point when you need to pivot.
  2. I'm Evernote user since the beginning, first note created early 2008, besides issues with OSX 10.6.8 that makes it crashes all the time, I want to point you on usability. I finally found out an older version, downloaded and now I'm ready to work again, but meanwhile I found out some pretty replacement. If you wanna go with this search centric approach, at least take suggestions from projects like Notational Velocity Sidebar in EN 5 is useless, take it's search centric approach to next level and work on approach like Notational Velocity. But meanwhile keep the old sidebar before the update, same functions but with a toggle to hide it, for who would take the search approach to its max. Keep old approach alongside new search-centric approach offering a new way to browse and create notes, like in Notational Velocity.
  3. about being so faulty on OSX 10.6.8 it's not your fault Apple releasing new OSX on faster lifecycle, problems comes when people like me who spend much time on a working system (because we make our money through it), get behind, and Apple release buggy OSX release for its mass costumer base. the problem is mass customer base need the small portion who actually make product. It's Apple who is actually turning away from professionals but we cant move to windows or Linux. that's why we are stuck at 10.6.8 But I think we are about it, as with Leopard and Snow Leopard, Mountain Lion I hope will solve what Lion didn't.
  4. `I'm lost now, I need something like Evernote before the update. I've been an Evernote user with 500+ notes for many years and I had to access commands from the navigation menu for the first time in the last few days after new Evernote came out. I discovered that there is a command for syncing, never had to search for it before in years of use on Macs, iPhones, PCs, on the web. It's a smart idea to add tags to notes, but if tags get hidden few clicks away, they get less useful It's smart idea to have multiple notebooks, but if they get hidden like tags it's like a dumb situation. Now we only have search, cool! that's a new feature! like eating every day of your life salad! I don't know maybe you replaced developers with marketers but marketers still need a product to do their job. After years of reliability in the last few days I'm experiencing crashes when I create a new note, when syncing, when editing old ones, install Evernote on a new Computer give nothing, no notes, nothing, but at least it doesn't crash. I don't like the new design, I think it a huge step back, good for occasional users who can say "Hey cool!!" but heavy professional users would just move away looking for alternatives like I'm doing right now. being buggy for an important app like this it's enough but adding the totally step back in functionality make me look around but your approach to note-taking is the best in my opinion, so I come back and ask you to re-think your decisions!!!
  5. Im still experiencing this bug as of version 3.0.6b2 what about a corrupted catalog? could that be the issue? btw how to check for catalog error and eventually rebuild it? thanks
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