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  1. I enabled simplify formatting, and that did the trick. I'm on a Mac as well. Thank you very much DTLow!! I was looking all over the place, and was going mad trying to figure it out. Much appreciated mate!! Cheers,
  2. I have a couple words that are highlighted, and I can't get them to clear. If I was to manually highlight a word, it's a different shade of yellow. So not sure where this highlight feature came from, even when I do a search it looks different. Has anybody come across this before? Here's what I'm talking about. Cheers,
  3. Heya Browncoat, My mistake. Oh I see, so it's a Firefox thing that Evernote doesn't like. Bummer! I tried in Safari and it works perfectly! Thanks for the info and opening up that ticket. Let us know if you find anything about it. Cheers mate!
  4. I just came across Evernote and love the application! I'm seriously considering getting the premium version, but I have one hold back. The clipping feature off my Mac locks up on me. When I try to clip a page I get the axis and as soon as I go to reposition it, it freezes. If I move it ever so slowly, I can make some progress. Are others having the same issue?
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