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  1. Yes, but it turns out, it was my fault. I had changed my EN password some days ago (routine security) and forgot about it. That is what caused the problem with the clipper. Logging out and in solved the problem. Sorry. And thanx for your help.
  2. I'm not sure if any changes or fixes to the Search engine were made, but you might try the just released production version of EN Mac: EN Mac 6.2 Update -- Released Just downloaded it. Will give it a spin and let you know. But I seriously doubt it got fixed, it was still there in the latest beta, and it’s been around for more than a year now.
  3. I’m using Evernote for Mac, the latest beta. But the problem isn’t new, it started when they switched to the new look for Yosemite, more than a year ago, and persisted ever since. Please, if you haven’t read my post to the full, no need to comment. Can we please go back to the topic? Any ideas why this is happening? Is it a general problem? Specific to certain versions? Can somebody check?
  4. For more than a year now (possibly more), Evernote search has been a complete mess: the search views do not update in real time. Examples: Search for notes with tag ABC in Notebook A. Take one of the notes in the list and move it to a different notebook, it should vanish from view, right? It doesn’t. It stays put. Not always of course, but frequently enough to be annoying. Search for notes with tag ABC in folder A containing three notebooks B, C, D. Move one of the notes from folder B to C, it should stay in view, right? Often it vanishes. Search for notes with tag ABC in Notebook A, order notes by date created; change the date on one note, it should move up or down the list accordingly, right? It doesn’t — almost always it doesn’t. You have to change the view option (like list by date modified) and back for the note to change place. See link for more detail: https://www.evernote.com/l/AA1umKKwajRHUYPV1tUPbJuLJx9JuHrgWwY The search bar is a total mess (in the French version I use — of course the natural language search is only available for the English version, which Evernote does not allow you to download if you happen to live in France). It is hard to explain without images, so I please check the link below for details. https://www.evernote.com/l/AA0NfDi5njlAC6XbTU_e6ykNw9Di98XyyuA
  5. The copy note link keyboard shortcut no longer works, neither the default shortcut (ctrl + alt+ cmd C) nor the custom shortcut I had created. The only way to copy the link to the note is through the menus.
  6. I've been using EN 5.6.1 Beta and later and can report the problem is gone. All notes now sync correctly.
  7. Another EN for Mac update, and a new set of things that used to work just fine is now broken. Now certain note just refuse to sync, and it's systematic: notes from certain sites do not sync, period. These same sites used to work fine before.
  8. The search box on the (Windows) desktop continues to work perfectly fine for me. Not on the Mac. It is quite a hassle to add new terms to a search and almost impossible to edit them; often the easiest way is to delete the whole search phrase and start over.
  9. The problems is not the developers, it’s the management. And yes they have lost focus: Evernote worked far better for me a few years ago than it does today, actually. The search box on the desktop client is USELESS, search is pretty much incapable of highlighting search terms (especially if it is not in latin script) — these things used to work fine a few versions ago. Not to mention quality issues and various bugs. Add to that all the unannounced, unwelcome, unnecessary and no-choice changes made: I’m still smarting over changes to the window behaviour from a couple of years ago; and now this. Meanwhile the developers found the time to create a market place to sell socks and put a button for it in the desktop client.
  10. It will use your real name if you fill it in on your profile page. And I don’t know much about the intricacies of email, but the old system seemed to work fine, and so many other services send emails from my gmail account (the one I use to connect to Evernote) the same way, so why did it suddenly become a problem? And there were certainly better solutions, like asking authorisation to access the email account, or simply, on the desktop, opening a mail window with the formatted note in it and letting you chose how to send it, or giving us a personalised accounts like myname@evernote.com, etc. In fact any solution would have been better than the one they opted for, which is sending notes from an anonymous no-reply account that makes them look very much like spam. But that’s Evernote for you these days: they’ll give you a “marketplace” to sell you socks, but no options on how you send notes. I have never seen a company so completely lose focus on what its paying clients want and expect...
  11. Actually it does not display real name, it only displays your Evernote long-in name, which may or may not be your real name. If my Evernote user name is different from my real name, most correspondents would not guess this email came from ME. And that’s a problem. A big problem.
  12. It used to be that when you shared a note from Evernote (desktop or web), it was sent from the user’s log in address. Now (this started a couple of days ago, apparently) they’re sent from a different account (no-reply@etc), making sure they’ll get caught up in spam filters. And even if they don’t, the receiver would probably not realise the mail comes from ME. Look, Evernote, your reputation is low already, and if you ever want to be taken seriously as a grown up business service you have to STOP changing things willy-nilly and POINTLESSLY. There is a reason why businesses rely on Microsoft products: because MS is very conservative about how they change their products and business people LIKE that.
  13. I understand all that. But the way they do things, Evernote only hurts its customers and, ultimately, itself. I’m an analyst at a consultancy and the only one there to use Evernote, for which I pay from my own pocket. The other people at the company are too old/technophobic to care. I was thinking of pushing Evernote on them as a companywide organisation/collaboration tool, but the constant fiddling in CORE FUNCTIONALITY by the developers made me think again. It would be hard enough to train the dinosaurs in my company to use the service; if I’m going to have to retrain them with every new version of the app, forget about it. I can understand the logic behind the changes to the way metadata is handled. Still, it is a significant change to a core function of the whole service, and yet there was no pre-announcement, no public beta, no way to toggle it on and off, nothing. It’s like “we’re gonna throw your workflow up in the air, just get used to it”. And the window behaviour change… More than a year later, I still haven't got used to it, for it makes working from an Evernote window arranged side by side with another app quite cumbersome. And why all that? Go figure. I challenge anyone at Evernote to give us a remotely reasonable explanation of why they changed window behaviour. What value does it add to anyone? Evernote needs to understand that their user base is no longer made up of enthusiastic early-adopters, but increasingly of people who use the service for serious work. They need to define a set of core functions that will be tampered with only with extreme caution. You mention Microsoft, and they are a case in point: the basic functionality of Office has not changed for at least the past 15 years; they’ve added stuff and modified interfaces etc; but if you learned an Excel trick in the mid-90s, it probably still works today. There is a price to pay for that: bloat and too many preferences. But that is a price grown-ups software companies have to live with. A couple of years ago I was probably the most enthusiastic user of Evernote on the planet, now I'm seriously thinking of finding another service. Congratulations Evernote, you’re losing a loyal client. You probably don’t care anyway.
  14. It’s a classic: every new version of Evernote, you find some basic functionality of the programme has been modified without any reason — completely throwing your workflow up in the air in the process. A few versions ago, it used to be that when you opened a note in a separate window, it stayed put: every next note you open takes exactly the same position. But then they changed this: now every time you open a note in a separate window, it moves a few millimeters to the right. It looks nicer, when you have several notes open, to have them stacked like a deck of cards, but it is totally useless if you have an Evernote window open side by side with, say, an MS Word document in which you’re writing a report based on stuff from Everenote, as note windows keep creeping on your Word window. I complained about this a number of times (first I thought it was a bug), but in vain. And now they’ve changed the way notes are organised by modification date. Before EN 5.1, adding tags to a note changed its modified date. It was useful when you had hundreds of untagged notes that you needed to organise. You have them listed by date modified and scroll down the list, pick a few notes in a general category and add a tag to them, the notes jump to the top of the list, which means you could now go through them one by one to take a closer look, add more tags etc. Now that’s impossible, for adding new tags no longer changes the modification date, meaning that notes you just tagged won’t jump to the top of the list. It just uselessly complicates the task of organising notes. Dear developers: As you can see from the screenshot above, I have a big collection of notes, and I need to be efficient about the way I work with them. Every little change you make has a huge impact on the way people work. If you want people to think about EN as a grown up business and productivity service, you have to guarantee stability, and that means that basic functionality cannot be changed willy nilly. At least gives an option to retain the old way of doing things.
  15. And when on earth are you planning to fix this? Do you see how difficult it makes it for people to work with EN? I need EN to be side by side with my Pages window when I'm writing stuff and if every time I open an EN window it's going to jump to the middle of the screen it just makes things unworkable. You’ve released so many updates since I first reported the problem and it is still there. If fixing a stupid bug that is irritating the hell out of your longtime users is not a priority for you, let us know so we could find a different service to use.
  16. Latest version (3.3.1) DOES NOT fix this problem.
  17. Thnax GM. No word from developers? Or any one having similar problems?
  18. After some tests, it appears the issue is more complex than first appeared. There is a way to make the note window stick to its position. Drag they note window to the place you want, shut down the whole app and restart it, and now when you open a note in a separate window, it will appear where you want it. But not quite… From there on, every time you open a note in separate window, it slides to the right about a centimeter. When it reaches the other end of the screen (the right side), it jumps back to the left side again, and so on. This is creepy, literally. Please, please, find a solution ASAP.
  19. The latest Mac app store version of the Evernote Mac application (on 10.8) does not remember the window position for notes opened in a separate window. In the past, if you opened a note in a separate window, resized it and moved it to the side of the screen, and then shut it, the next note you open in a separate window will show up in the same size and position. In the latest version, they don’t. You can drag and resize as you like, the next note you open will come up smack in the middle of the screen. I rely on Evernote as the my central data base for information I collect from the internet, and when I’m writing a report, I have an EN window on one side of the screen and a Word window on the other. If notes keep opening in middle of the screen, forcing me to drag each note back to the side, it just not useful any more. If this is a bug, please correct ASAP. If it is a “feature” let me know so I could find another solution
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