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  1. Anytime I do a Spotlight search on Yosemite for an Evernote note, I'm able to launch that note from the Spotlight search results, however it immediately freezes the app and I have to Force Quit it. Anyone else having this issue? The issue happens when Evernote is not running. It works as expected if the app is already running.
  2. The feature exists on the iOS version where you can have your new note titles auto-populated with current meeting titles at the time the note is created, however I don't see this on the desktop version. Is it there? If not, any ideas if it's on the roadmap?
  3. Regardless if it's a bug of a feature, it's inconsistent. If the newest notes are on top in list view, it should be the same way in card view. At least I think so.
  4. Not sure if this is a bug or not but ever since the new Mac client update, whenever I start up Evernote with card view, it's starting at the very bottom of the list. I have to scroll up to the very top to see my latest note, but if I switch it to list view, it's opposite (newest notes on top.)
  5. +1 for this. Been dying for this for ages. (Sometimes you don't want just a check box!)
  6. On the iPad version of Evernote, I can create different paragraph headings when writing notes, but I don't see that ability on Evernote on Mac. Is there something I'm missing to enable that feature? Thanks!
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