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  1. I'm a big fan of clipping Wikipedia pages. I have found recently that some embedded images are not rendered in Evernote after clipping. Often these are inline equations in .svg format. See excerpt screen shots of the same content, from the page Tropical Cyclone, and from my clipped page in EN.

    I am using Windows 10, and this happens in ALL browsers on this platform. Ironically, my iPhone can clip this page perfectly after I request the desktop version. What gives?!

    Tropical Cyclone - normal.jpg

    Tropical Cyclone - svgs not rendered.jpg

  2. On 1/6/2015 at 11:18 PM, lean_ninja said:

     If the current search algorithm in Evernote really is so impervious to adaptation to a proper Boolean algorithm, then it is likely so fundamentally mis-architected that it should be replaced.  If it isn't, then it should be simple to adapt.


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  3. On 1/21/2015 at 7:41 AM, csihilling said:

    Since inheritance is not likely coming soon, if at all.

    This really strikes a negative chord with me. If Evernote is able to achieve their goal of a "100 year company," it's going to have to appeal to long time users that have built up gigantic note libraries. (Just imagine your note count after decades of use). Searching is going to be a real chore without powerful innovation. Thinking that features like boolean searches and inheritance "may not come at all" is just crazy.

    They will come, or Evernote will fail.

  4. I would agree this is a bit annoying, but I think it's intentional. Synchronizing an entire notebook at high resolution would be hard on the bandwidth, even for premium users. Still, would be nice to have the full resolution option. I suspect the entire notebook gets synchronized each time, not just the edited pages. Might be wrong about that.

  5. I agree with Keith, would be great to customize the title. Also would be nice to be able to add a custom field that denotes the contact was created in Evernote. Since these important names will typically be business related, I'd like to create an entry in the proper address book location. Currently, evernote just places these in the default Contacts. With a custom field, I could quickly determine which contacts I have to rearrange in my address book, when I'm at the computer.

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  6. I have a hierarchical tag structure, and so far as I can tell, there's not much advantage to doing this, other than visual organization of the tags. 


    I would like to request an option to create tag inheritance. When searching, this could produce search results for the specified tag, and all other tags below it, in it's tag hierarchy.

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