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  1. I created a note as a bookmark with the web clipper. I went to the note to add more information. It has some text. I hit enter, and the next line appears at least 7 line heights below. I tried adjusting the font. How do I fix evernotes terrible terrible default line spacing?
  2. I am trying to save a webpage, but all the images aren't showing up. It's this page: http://gizmodo.com/fix-absolutely-anything-anywhere-with-a-keychain-toolk-1571052588, when I use the firefox web clipper and when I drag and drop images from another webpage. The first image works, but the other ones are just big grey boxes. What gives?
  3. I'm using firefox 8, and I have the clipper. The little elephant has a yellow box on him and when I hover over it it says "Uploading Unsaved Clips." How do I make it upload these? They didn't load because it didn't think I was logged in. I went to a page, clicked the clipper, the clipper window showed that I was logged in, I clicked to clip article, and it later gave an error and said I wasn't logged in properly. If I went to the same webpage, clicked the clipper, logged out, and then logged back in, the page would clip fine. But the thing is, I want to be able to force it to upload those pages that are pending, or at the very least to revisit them because I left the pages and now I don't remember what they are. How can I do this?
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