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  1. Qot, Can you provide some expert sources for your thesis -- i.e., the idea that I'm protecting my computer from Internet Explorer data leaks the wrong way, and should rely on a firewall to block IE instead? A dummy proxy seems like a much more sure solution. When I set up the dummy proxy, all traffic stopped immediately and permanently. As would be expected unless somebody specifically wrote spyware to overrule the dummy proxy setting for a particular browser. I've never heard of that happening. Firewalls, in sharp contrast, are often disabled for minutes or hours or days at a time -- by user error, by firewall or OS bugs, or by spyware. The problem with this situation is that if spyware is trying to upload all of your private data to its mothership, even one internet session with your firewall down would permit all of that data to escape. That's why common sense suggests that it's safer to remove -- or physically disable -- software, than to rely entirely on a firewall to block its activity. Given what is at stake for Windows premium customers with strong data security concerns, I'm kind of hoping that Evernote staff will contribute to this thread. I'm hugely appreciative of Evernote. It's the best software I've ever relied on -- by a landslide. I love, and believe in, the "hundred year company" concept. But... I can't afford enormous risks to the security of my hard disk's contents for any software -- no matter how wonderful it is. Thanks, Art P.S. I also tried doing it your way -- by setting up a rule to prevent iexplore.exe outbound traffic, in Windows Firewall. But it didn't seem to work at all. Instead, Internet Explorer continued to communicate bidirectionally over the internet -- e.g., it continued to allow me to send data via webmail portals, type info into forms, etc. (Did Microsoft build in an exception for its own software, to allow IE to continue to function, no matter what?)
  2. Forgive me if my strategy has been covered already in a related thread that I missed: I installed Nitro Reader on my PC, but don't even use it as my default reader. I just use it when I want to send a PDF to Evernote from the web or my desktop. To send, I just right-click to "open in Nitro Reader" and from Nitro Reader I just have one more click to send it to Evernote. Then I can close the file without saving and it disappears from my PC forever. However, I just checked, and don't see document source info in my Nitro/Evernote PDF grabs. Also, I can't find a way to tag or retitle the PDF for Evernote via Nitro, without going over to Evernote to do so. Sorry, Art
  3. Hello, Today I blocked Internet Explorer's web access for security reasons. I did so without uninstalling IE, by simply setting it to use a dummy (nonexistent) proxy server. This is apparently a widely-recommended security precaution if you have highly confidential information on your PC. It's advisable because IE is commonly misused by hackers and spyware to send your data back to their various motherships. See, e.g., http://www.techsuppo...et_explorer.htm Immediately after I redirected Internet Explorer to my nonexistent proxy server ( / port 80), Evernote stopped syncing.The "Evernote could not connect to server" message appeared, and persists. When i bypassed the nonexistent proxy server, Evernote synced happily again. So Evernote apparently uses Internet Explorer's access to the internet continually, in the background. That's fine. But so does spyware. So to leave Internet Explorer with access solely for the use of Evernote's desktop software, is troubling. Is there any way to create an exception for whatever server Evernote is seeking, while leaving IE disabled in all other respects? Or, any other solution? (We need the security of knowing IE isn't running spyware in the background. But we love Evernote, and very much want to use its iteration on our PC.) Thanks so much for help, Art
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