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  1. This is what worked for me. I am running Windows 7, and all along I have been using Admin, the administrative account that was created on system first install, for all privileged activities. As stated on other responses, the cleanup for Evernote must be done with the account "Administrator" not Admin. Logged in as "Administrator" I ran Revo, but I suspect you could just run regedt32 and search for Evernote. Clenching my teeth I - carefully - selected all the highlights from the Registry that Revo suggested were related to Evernote and pressed delete. Rebooted for good measure. And the install for Evernote 4.5.2xxxx was succesful. Manually altering the Windows Registry could damage your system installation, so it is a good thing that Revo runs a Restore Point AND a Registry backup. In closing, there should not be a need for an application which floats at Level 7 to need these maneuvers. Mind You, it is not the application, it is the installer they chose. And in that note, why is it that Revo does not make their own packaging, deliver and install product? Hmmmm?
  2. Same issue here, when trying to upgrade from 3.5 to 4.1 and 4.2. The only part that worked was the uninstall of 3.5, so now I have no Evernote. Many software companies use a third party installer/uninstaller, and the one used in this case is causing this problem. And at least in my case, the use of Revo Uninstaller did not work. If you google this issue, there are several reports, I wish the Evernote people could post a solution. Greetings.
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