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  1. Hey, I'm another Linux User. First of all, I love seeing a Chrome App of Evernote, as this is a step further to real integration on "every device" I was quite disappointed to read "every device" and missout on my main operating System. Linux is not such a minority as many would think. Its a full Desktop with tons of software. I miss so many tools on windows, that I cannot use it for software development. Writing a Linux application does not mean writing 50 Applications for 50 Linux Distributions. Ubuntu is the most popular Linux branch, so that would already please most customers on Linux. for the rest one would need like 1-2 more clients if you want to cover all systems with a proper installer. An alternative would also be to throw up an open source client. Afterall, Evernote is not just a desktop client, it is a service across many platforms.
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