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  1. Thank you, PinkElephant and Mike P. I tried Simplify formatting on one clip (after saving a copy). It worked as you said it would. For my purposes, I can live with the resultant formatting to "HTML Content". I also tried using the text formatting tools in Legacy. Open the web clip. Highlight some text. Close Legacy, open v10, and the highlighting is still there! The note was converted from Web Clip to HTML Content, but the original formatting of the web clip appears to remain. Another reason for me to keep Legacy around for awhile.
  2. I can highlight, boldface, etc, in Legacy but in v10 all tools are grayed out. Also I can't click to place the cursor anywhere except in Title.
  3. Thanks for the input. You may be right. The link to the local file begins with file:. When I upload Example.html and Example.jpg to my web site, making a http: link, the copy/paste puts the image into the note. Have to wonder why, though, because either way the paste is from the clipboard. And if I paste into Word, the image is also pasted. I'd prefer to use EN Web Clipper, but it does not do local files.
  4. If I select a portion of a remote web page, copy, and paste into a note in desktop version, the text, formatting, and images look proper. But when I do the same in a local HTML page, the text and formatting are fine but the images are only represented by small green icons. I can go to the source image, copy it, and paste it into the note, but why do I have to do this extra step? To document (attached): Example.html is the original file I want to paste into a note. Example.jpg is the image in the page. Example - ScreenClip Page.png is an Evernote screen clip of the page. Shows the image. Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex is the note created by Pasting the page from the clipboard. The image appears as a small green icon. ================================================== Example - ScreenClip Page.png and Example.jpg: Example - Paste Page Into Note.enex Example.html
  5. Suddenly the other day I see Clipper version 6.9.3 replaced 6.20 (Firefox). Now it's working fine.
  6. I can clip pages easily enough. But, first, the new Clipper did not save my Options from the previous one. And second, I cannot choose tags or notebook without clicking Options, so i don't even know where the clip will be stored. And third, the Options window shows "Signed out" no matter what I do. So I cannot set default notebook and tagging options. PUT A SIGN IN BUTTON ON THE DAMN OPTIONS PAGE!
  7. Web Clipper 6.20. Clipping a page, then selecting Options shows "Signed out". No way to sign in. Sign in to my EN home page doesn't fix it. Removing the add-on and re-installing doesn't work. Always shows "Signed out" and no tiny red button on the elephant icon.
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