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  1. Note everything is similar and the only thing I can find with reminders that is close, oh well
  2. Dont get me wrong, evernote is a great app. But for me, if I dont have some way of remembering I made a note, its all for not. Looks like a great program, but I only use these apps on my android device. thanks though
  3. The issue is not the complexity. It's a conscious choice by Evernote. Their company, their choice. (shrug) Oh I agree, If Mcdonalds doesnt want to sell nuggets anymore, thats their prerogative. Ill complain, but in the end, Ill just go eat at wendys.
  4. It REMEMBERS you have the note just fine. Reminders are a whole other ball of wax & EN has chosen to remain focused on collecting/organizing/retrieving information & having that information available across ~14 platforms. As has been mentioned before, there are many, good to do/task list managers already out there. True, "IT" remembers it just fine, but "I" dont remember its in there, thats the issue. Reminders arent that complicated, other more less complex programs do it. Its ok, for ME, the more complicated evernote is actually makes it less functional (I like something I can quickly add ideas, thoughts and reminders). Great community though you all have here. Heh heh. That's a good one! Over the past 3 years, Evernote has toned down their Due Date statements dramatically. Now, they won't even use the non-descript term "soon" anymore. I also modify the Created Date to get around the reminder / appointment / task restriction. (sort of jailbraking Evernote) The problem this presents is there is no easy way to find today's tasks because they are listed a few screens down after all the future appointments and reminders. My solution is to use the Snippet view with a special "Stuff in the Future" note (with an easily spotted photo). This special note separates past notes from future notes. Just before shutting down my computer at night, I change the note's Created date to tomorrow. The note link is in the Favorites Bar, so with one click, I can re-center all my notes with new ones above and old ones below. . Thanks, but seems way to complicated for a simple issue, thanks though
  5. Thanks for the reply, but its kinda like a play on the Seinfeld episode, it can MAKE the note, it just cant REMEMBER you have the note (the rental car episode if you watched). Id rather not have to check my evernote list/program several times a day thinking, was there something I noted earlier? yesterday? I found notes from weeks prior that I wish I would have remembered. Thanks anyway...guess ill use GTasks (as basic as it is) and wait for "due dates"
  6. I have tried to use evernote (and I searched the forum but couldnt find anything) but there is no way to set a reminder? If I have all these "note" Ill never remember to look at any of them at the specific times. Ill look at my notes and go, oh man I completely forgot about that, oh well, too late. I have been using GTasks but obviously that is no where what evernote is, but reminders, seems so simple and I cant live without it. Anyone have an thoughts?
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